Miguel Martinez Mudarra and Encarni, Gold and Silver Cup in Spain.

Tijoleños athletes get the championship and runner-up Spain Veterans Mountain Races.

Gone are racing Mountain Barcelona, Malaga, Lleida and Guipúzcoa. Now, the best specialists in this discipline the podium were played in canary lands, in a fast and technical course, with 32 kilometers long and 1.500 meters positive, between lava flows and volcanic calderas typical of Lanzarote.

As usual in recent years, Mudarra riders Miguel Martinez and Encarni (Select members of the Andalusian) aspired to medal, and again, not only did not disappoint, but got a very brilliant results: a gold and silver respectively.

The test was developed differently for this couple tijoleños: Encarni Martinez started off almost without a priori possibilities, The victory was worth only! He went cautiously, was low to, conducting a second part memorable, and I clearly won the second classified, which came over 5 minutes late. Thus, Encarni was surprise and, against all odds, Subcampeonato Veterans of Spain took.

Miguel's case was different Mudarra. At Finish Line, commented: "My race was a duel with Spaniard Pedro Cuenca athlete ... we both played here Spain Championship starting ..., in this type of testing, very quick, I never got beat ... but every race is a world ... I managed to keep track of it in the fastest sections, maintaining competitive stress during 27 kilometers, and after a section equipped with ropes, I launched an attack that the Spaniard could not respond ... "

In the words of Peri, Andalusian coach: "What is getting this group of Andalusian athletes is incredible ... it will be very difficult for the quantity and quality of successes in recent years happen again ... congratulations to all ...!»
Source: Mountain Club CH Alcala.