Lower domestic offenders are formed in agriculture

Young while they are performing tasks in the field.

Young while they are performing tasks in the field.

Juvenile offenders who meet legal action in the detention center Purchena are participating in an innovative program of agricultural employment orientation and to promote their reintegration, a project funded by the Board today visited the Minister of Justice and Home Affairs, Rosa Aguilar, and the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Rodrigo Sanchez Haro.

Rosa Aguilar stressed that the Board has a clear objective with children who come to this center: “the education and training, what for, from this training, have a full labor integration and social integration that makes your life to have a safe prospects, true and full of opportunities”.

Andalusia, He said the minister, “is a benchmark in both educational and training do in the centers for juvenile offenders, a reference to which we give visibility for its importance in program guidance and job placement”. “Young people are trained and the pair develop a craft through the job placement program, in this case, in the field of agriculture”, It has been said.

The program is based on training as agricultural laborers and auxiliary ships to facilitate fruit and vegetable preparation and specialization of these children with a view to their reintegration when they meet the legal action and leave the detention center.

Workshops specialized professionals working in the agricultural and horticultural sector responsible for training in tasks such as planting, irrigation, fertilizer, harvest, washing products, freshness and conservation, weighing and packing boxes, among many others.

The project is carried out since 2010 Two agricultural plots located near the detention center Purchena that have been donated by their owners for job training for children.

Purchena Center has among its priorities the development of employment programs with inmates who have met the 16 years old, so that the job training and support in the insertion processes are prominent part of the educational intervention, specifically designed according to the needs and characteristics of each child.

The Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs invests more 2,5 million a year in maintaining this center, which directly employs 58 workers, In addition to the indirect enabling their environment. In 2016, They were served a total of 69 young offenders, most of whom meet in semi-open judicial measures, with an average age of 17 years old.

“These young people will have the opportunity to train and integrate and develop a life full of opportunities”, He explained the minister who thanked all those who make this possible and, especially, the municipality of Purchena, the mayor, the people and to the region they engage with this program showing great sensitivity.

The center provides all the formal schooling and, also, It offers training workshops craft, housework, painting, gardening, organic farming and prevention of occupational risks, inter alia.

Living space

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Rodrigo Sanchez Haro, meanwhile, It stressed the importance of strengthening such initiatives, since social gardens available to people “a space of social coexistence around the cultivation of plots, allow obtaining a vegetable production, promote recovery of spaces, in some cases, They are abandoned or degraded and sensitized about the production and healthy eating”. In the case of draft Purchena, Haro Sanchez praised the work carried out in this regard, since the work of these children is promoted, who are responsible for the specific tasks for the production and marketing of vegetables, thereby promoting employment and wealth of the area.

The Andalusian Agriculture Minister highlighted the roles social orchards in general, of great interest to society from different aspects: social kind as to favor the integration of different groups; teaching, stimulating learning professional activities, the assessment of effort and work; consumer products proximity responsible for professional orchards; and even leisure.

Thus, the Ministry is committed to guide and accompany the project to create gardens, both municipalities, associations of citizens, public or private entities who decide to undertake projects for the benefit of sustainability and organic farming. In addition to the 'Guide to Creating Social Ecological Orchards in Andalusia', are currently editing on the website of Agriculture different Bulletins Social Orchards Autoconsumo ', understood as professionals shared spaces for the development of crops, where the use of agricultural techniques promoted in line with organic production, having their crops destined for consumption and not marketing.