Environment puts a new comprehensive system for monitoring ongoing drought

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Delegate, Antonio Martinez.
Delegate, Antonio Martinez.

The Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Joseph Attorney, He has informed the Governing Council of the new procedure implemented by the Environmental Information Network of Andalusia (Rediam) for monitoring and evaluation of drought in the region. The system, Operating from this summer, It combines information from different networks of weather stations around the region (above 2.000 seasons) with data from observation satellites at different levels of detail. This allows you to refine county level zoning of the intensity of the phenomenon, which it is particularly affecting the eastern part of the autonomous community.

The methodology takes into account not only the accounting of rainfall but also its impact on the natural environment and agriculture, that capture the satellite sensors to reflect the conditioned response of vegetation in its chlorophyll activity. Treatment of this information is made with reference to the historical series of both types of data, allowing predict the possible evolution of its persistence in advance of twelve months. The results are reflected in terms of trend to continue in drought, classified as low probability of permanence (under the 33%), media (between 33 and 66%) and tall (above the 66%).

The latest report of the new system REDIAM, corresponding to last October, confirms that a worsening in regions such as Almeria Levante or the Northern and Central Granada. These areas, stay high probability of drought, They begin to also join, more moderately, Malaga and the East and South of Jaen.

In the spatial analysis of the state of vegetation it is observed that all the provinces are in a worse situation than the average of the historical series (2002-2016). Jaén, Malaga, Cádiz, Granada and, above all, Almería, They are the most affected by decay of vegetation.

Regarding the lack of rain, and in areas that are in a situation of drought rainfall, the Penibética and Guadix (Granada) are those that could more easily leave before the end of the year if the months of November and December Poncins. At the other end, the almerienses regions of Lower and Upper Almanzora and Campo de Tabernas have a high probability of continuing affected by the lack of rain.