Wind farms produce Seron and Tíjola 70% provincial production.

Renewables now account in Andalusia 38% Andalusian total electrical power, over a third, según datos de la Agencia de la Energía de Andalucía, organismo dependiente de la Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, que señalan que hace seis años este porcentaje era del 13%.

El compromiso de Andalucía por las energías renovables se refleja en los importantes avances experimentados en este campo estos últimos años. So, la región cuenta con más de 6.000 MW (megawatts) de potencia eléctrica renovable, siendo la tecnología eólica, over 3.320 MW, la que más aporta. Le sigue la solar termoeléctrica con más de 997 MW, y la solar fotovoltaica con más de 880 MW. At the same time, las energías renovables aportan el 34% de la electricidad que consume Andalucía, cuando hace prácticamente seis años solamente suponía el 6,6%.

The Andalusian Energy Agency stresses that the involvement of companies, citizens and the support of the regional administration have enabled progress towards a more sustainable energy development where industry renewable energy. A decision that has a positive impact on the industrial base, technological innovation and the ability to generate employment, as the sector currently involves about 1.400 companies, employing more than 44.000 people.

Andalusia is the first region in Europe with solar thermal power plants in operation with over counting 997 MW distributed in twenty plants (two experimental), catering to a population equivalent to more than 500.000 homes and avoid over 795.000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, as if they withdraw from circulation 503.000 vehicles.

In the field of solar PV, the region currently has more than 874 MW of electric power connected to network, that place it as the second Spanish community technology. Also, has more than 8 MW of photovoltaic installations isolated, making occupy the first position in terms of installed photovoltaic power isolated with more than 38% the national total. These facilities are generally used to supply rural homes and water pumping, located in mountain areas and away from the mains.

In regard to solar thermal for domestic hot water, Andalusia remains the leading region in Spain with more than 847.000 square meters of installed surface.

Wind and biomass

In wind power, Andalusia has increased fivefold installed in power the last five years, disposing of 148 farms with a capacity of over 3.320MW. Now, Wind energy produces electricity for the equivalent 1,5 million homes. Because she is avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of almost 2,4 million tonnes of CO2, as if they withdraw from circulation over a million and a half vehicles. Almeria has 13 wind farms 364 Operating MW, making it the second most installed capacity province of Andalusia, concentrating 17% the total region. De facto, the 86% electricity production with renewable energy generated in Almería comes from wind energy.

Another renewable technology in which Andalusia is leader is biomass electricity. The region has a total capacity of more than 257 distributed megawatts 18 plants, capacity to supply the equivalent of the electricity consumption of more than 390.000 housing. This involves the 39% installed capacity in Spain with this renewable source. This energy is added to bring the 17 plants use landfill gas (biogas), in recent years are proliferating in Andalucia,

Also under biomass, Andalusia is the first production capacity of biofuels. According to the Andalusian Energy Agency, available 11 completed with an installed capacity of plants 836.000 tons of oil equivalent per year. In Andalusia account 75 biogasolineras that, addition to traditional fuels, Suppliers also have biodiesel.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is gaining ground in the landscape of the Andalusian renewables. The interior of the earth stores, as heat, an inexhaustible source of clean energy that allows, by heat pump technology, can perform HVAC installations (heating and cooling). In Andalusia, according to data provided by the Andalusian Energy Agency in a study of the geothermal potential, there is significant potential, mainly, in the vicinity of Granada, Seville and Cordoba.

The bet Agency by the incorporation of this renewable source for homes and businesses supporting their deployment with Grant Program Sustainable Energy Development 'Andalucía A '. So, from February 2009 far, have been supported 54 geothermal projects, with an incentive of more than 850.000 euros that have mobilized an investment in the region 2,8 million euros and which is preventing the emission of 160 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. La mayoría de estas actuaciones han sido solicitadas por ciudadanos para instalaciones de calefacción por suelo radiante, existiendo también instalaciones con radiadores en aquellos casos en los que se ha efectuado una sustitución de caldera.