More than six hundred tapes I participate in the Short Film Festival 'Ciudad de Vera'

Isabel de Haro, Felix Lopez and Carlos Guijarro.

Isabel de Haro, Felix Lopez and Carlos Guijarro.

More than six hundred short I participate in the Short Film Festival 'Ciudad de Vera', as it highlighted in the official presentation ceremony held today at City Hall veratense, Competition technical director, Carlos Guijarro. Guijarro and pointed it during his speech, "the Festival has acquired an international character due to the large presentation of works from twenty countries". "It should be noted", moreover added Carlos Guijarro, "The sheer quality of the tapes and filmmakers including directors are as Belen Rueda, Hugo Silva, Carlos Areces, Fernando Arbizu, Javier Fesser, Rosario Pardo, ultimately, an important quality short films ".

From next day 7 May and until the day 13, Vera will combine educational facet, with the participation of schools veratenses, with specialized strictly by the lectures of professionals from the film world on trades in the audiovisual sector. Thus, the First Short Film Festival 'Ciudad de Vera' meet the proposed target by the organizers Film Week in Almeria Levante, the JaGDreams and producing AndreuFullana, and the City of Vera: consolidate the municipality as a reference film and integrated into art festivals are held annually in Vera.

The Festival consists of two contests with prizes: An official short film section and, on the other hand, SHORT Contest 48 HOURS starting next day 10 May and will consist of recording a short film shot in Vera to be delivered within a maximum period of 48 hours. The film festival, with Laura del Río and José Miguel Corral as emcees, besides Alex Navarro, It will be based at the Municipal Auditorium 'Ciudad de Vera', which features a cutting-edge technical equipment and a capacity of 600 people.

In closing the presentation ceremony of the Festival, Felix Lopez, Mayor Vera, It coincided with the Councilor for Culture, Isabel de Haro, "The importance of this Festival entered the Year of Culture celebrates Vera. We meet the necessary conditions to develop this world-class project, as well pointed Carlos Guijarro ". Veratense the first mayor added that Vera has become an important cultural reference "to give participation to all citizens, from school to any group. And when life is given to a project as is the Film Festival, surely it must be a success thanks to the professionals who make up the team and, naturally, with the institutional support of the municipal government team ". Felix Lopez concluded by expressing his hope that the Festival maintain continuity.