Antonio Martinez, provincial delegate for the Environment.
Antonio Martinez, provincial delegate for the Environment.

Agricultural burns are still a major cause of interventions device wildland fire.

The territorial delegate of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Antonio Martinez, He has chaired this morning the provincial advisory committee to the Plan INFOCA, body responsible for coordinating the actions of the various administrations that collaborate in preventing and fighting forest fires in Almeria and meets annually at the beginning and end of the season increased risk of fire.

Martinez stressed that despite the weather context has described as "extremely unfavorable", the Plan has demonstrated its high level of competence giving effective response to adverse situations, in a very dry and high summer day and night temperatures which prevent moisture vegetation recovers, being more willing to burn.

The head of the Environment and Spatial Planning in the province has highlighted the efforts made by the Ministry for hiring all necessary personnel, from the job market INFOCA, intended to fill existing vacancies in the device during the high risk of forest fires.

CONATO the 85% interventions

The device made INFOCA, from the 1 January 15 October, total 60 forestry interventions, of which 51 (85%) -siniestros were reduced to near misses that do not reach hectare- and other, 9 (15%), fires were. These figures represent an 8,13% of total registered interventions in our region in 2016.

The total area affected 71,70 hectares of forest land - which is the 2,08 the total Andalusian – of which 0,12 (0,17%) They correspond to wooded and the rest 71,57 (99,83%) to scrub, ie 2,08% of the total affected in Andalusia.

agricultural burnings

The pre-summer weather led to the Territorial Delegation from the ban on agricultural burning a day to step forward 1 May, with the collaboration of local councils to prevent the associated risk of fire burning, which they remain one of the leading causes of registered interventions. The success of the measures taken - said Martinez- It resulted in a significant reduction of interventions during April and May ".

This campaign has had to repeat at the end of the period of high risk, also in collaboration with the municipalities, the risk conditions have not changed, mainly due to the lack of rain. Thus, the delegation had to make the decision not to grant authorization agricultural burning in forest areas or influence to 15 November. A month than usual.


As it regards the causes, most of them are due to negligence (60%), although there is still a significant percentage of unintended incidents (26,67%), well above other reasons such as accidents (8,33%), natural (1,67%) or unknown (1,67%).

As for the arson noteworthy that mostly originate from agricultural activities, rather intended to sunburn, namely, Forest fires cause.

At this point, the delegate stressed the important role played by the Brigade Forest Fire Research, belonging to the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and Environment made up of agents specialized in the field Environment. Their work has not only been able to clarify the causes of almost all forest fires, but also do so in a reduced time period, so that the pending investigation incidents at the end of the campaign represent only 1,67%.

Also, Antonio Martinez has referred to the use of livestock grazing regime controlled preventive purposes (plan RABAC) and reported that 16.311 cattle have acted in more than 498 firewall linear kilometers of Almeria province. Controlled grazing used to remove fuel plant areas firewall and maintain infrastructure facing the forest fire prevention. This use of livestock is particularly indicated in the maintenance firewall by conventional methods prove costly, either difficult access or excessive pedregosidad.

It has also indicated in his speech the importance of public awareness at early ages, by the Andalusian Government will continue to pursue initiatives such as the "Grow with your tree", each year allows more school know the INFOCA Plan while they discover the importance of conserving our forests and the need to prevent forest fires. During this year they have been more than 1.500 students who have participated in the environmental education campaign.


Last, the delegate referred to the important collaboration between the different administrations and recognized the work of all those who have participated this year in the device fire and in defense of nature in Almeria on a plan (INFOCA) recognized nationally and internationally for the management and results in both the preventive, as in direct action in the fight against fires.

Martinez thanked the cooperation Emergency Service 112 Andalusia, Civil Protection and Emergency Group Andalucía (GREA); Military Emergency Unit, Guardia Civil, Unit of the National Body Attached to the Andalusian (Regional police), Local Police, Firefighters, Epes-061, Red Cross, Local groups present help and Partnerships Civil Protection Volunteers.