Maria Sanz, I won the International Poetry Prize “Vera City”

The poet Maria Sanz.

The poet Maria Sanz.

In the morning yesterday unveiled the Jury of the First International Poetry Prize “Vera City – Open City and Creative” by which came out winning the Seville poet Maria Sanz.

Sanz published his first book in 1981 and since then has more than thirty titles. Various lyrical works of the Sevillian author have been translated into different languages ​​such as Polish; English; italiano; Romanian; Portuguese; French; Chinese and braille.

Among the awards he has won include 'Ricardo Molina', 'Caceres', ‘Leonor’, 'Tiflos', 'Manuel Alcántara', 'Ciudad de Torrevieja', ‘Valencia’, 'José de Espronceda' or 'Ateneo Jovellanos', among others. She is also the creator of the National Poetry Prize 'Fernando de Herrera' and also runs the cycle Poetry in the House of Castile and Leon Soria and Seville.

Maria Sanz (Seville, 1956) fits better in modernism that postmodernity. His work shows affinities with the attitude of the philosopher-poets and contemplatives lends itself to an explanation based on the theories of Merleau-Ponty and Bachelard. When it is against nature and beauty to the atmosphere created by the hand of man, proceeds by empathy (rapport). Not interested in creating distance between the observed and the effect of it. It is constant desire fusion object, allowing retain a particle mystery. She herself has said he wants to create "intimate" associating poetry and contemplation of the beauty opening invites transcendence.

The first International Poetry Prize has been a success of participation, over 200 authors from 13 different countries, and it is endowed with a prize of 3000 €.

The judge

The jury was composed by Professor of Language and Literature Carmen Morales, President of the UNESCO Center of Andalusia Arroyo Angel Bañuelos and the poet and writer Benjamin Prado, acting as Secretary of the poet Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa.

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