Manuel Valero Gómez wins the International Youth Poetry Contest 'Martin Garcia Ramos' Albox

The winner, Manuel Valero.

The winner, Manuel Valero.
The winner, Manuel Valero.

The poet Manuel Valero Gómez has taken the XV International Poetry Contest Young 'Martin Garcia Ramos' Albox. The work of this young alicantino, of 30 age, He has won among 136 poemarios received from different countries in Europe and America. The award-winning collection of poems is titled 'Sons of Comet Halley' and will be released through a prestigious publishing house. The author will receive a prize 6.000 euros. The award ceremony of the XV International Poetry Contest Young will be held in the auditorium of the I.E.S. 'Martin Garcia Ramos' next day 23 April, in an act in which, as well as other performances, It will proceed to read some of the poems of the winning.

The contest could present all those writers who wished, without conditioning of nationality, provided that the work presented it was written in Spanish and the author has failed to implement 31 at the time of closing the deadline for the call. Each poet could only submit one work - Original, unpublished and free themes- with a length of between 700 and 1000 verses.


The director of IES 'Martín García Ramos', Francisco Sanchez Torrecillas, He wanted to thank "all participants who have sent us their poems to compete from all over America and Europe. Also institutions that help us and, especially, the García Pérez family, sons of Don Martin Garcia Ramos, Without their support it would be impossible to call this event ".

For his part, the Councillor for Culture, Aurora Cerdán, He has expressed his desire that "this international poetry contest continued their way over the years to establish itself as a benchmark for young poetry" and noted that the City of Albox continue to collaborate with it because "it is a cultural commitment by this government team ".

poetic production

Manuel Valero Gómez (Alicante, 1986) He holds a PhD in Hispanic Studies from the University of Granada and Bachelor of Information Sciences. He has published poetry books Six sonnets to Samia (2008) and Café Montparnasse (2012), as well as the plaquettes Silvas found(2012) and God, night and jasmines (2013). She has recently seen the light of his latest book,night ajar (2015), awarded the Young Poetry Prize III Apple Poetics. His work has been included in various magazines and anthologies (New poetry and Latin American narrative the Mapping of Orfeo. Young Valencian poetry anthology), meriting several awards.

As for its research output, It focuses primarily on contemporary literature and a frequent contributor to magazines. Juan Gil-Albert has done a doctoral thesis, lectured at various conferences, coordinated and published a tribute book Juan Gil-Albert: possession of being undemanding (2013), finalist awards Literary Criticism Valenciana. Also, He has to his credit with The time of the heroes (2013), the second test, and maintains editing an anthology of contemporary poetry alicantina.