Macael revive the lawsuit quarries this weekend with recreation 'Stonemasons and Caciques'

Image of the presentation at Council.

Image of the presentation at Council.

The Provincial de Almería this morning the first edition of Historical Reenactment 'Stonemasons and Caciques' to be held on 27 and 28 May in Macael.

In presenting this unique historical event in the province and practically in the world, They attended by the vice president of the Council, Aureliano Javier García; Mayor of Macael, Raul Martinez and coordinator of the Conference and member of IEA, Andrés Molina.

"The historical recreation 'Stonemasons and Caciques' born in order to show the tradition of a people who has linked his name to the marble. From 'Costa de Almeria' we wanted to join the name Macael industrial tourism as a showcase and a benchmark in this segment and so we could not pass up the opportunity to support this historic recreation. From the Provincial Government support initiatives that create traditions. We are convinced that this will be the first of many that will be done over time, "explained the vice provincial.

Also, Garcia wanted to congratulate the City of Macael for the great work they have developed with this initiative that has involved the re-edition of the book 'Stonemasons and Caciques' by the IEA (The first print run was published in 1990) to be presented on Saturday 27 May at 17.30 hours in the Plaza de la Constitution.

The mayor explained Macael, precisely, that recreation that will take place this weekend is taken from this book that counts "everything that happened in Macael between 1919 and 1947 and it was nothing more than an attempt to privatize the quarries by the caciques of the time and that led to the uprising of the people who refused to be so and why so famous quarries lawsuit was formed ".

Also, Raul Martinez explained the great involvement with this event counts by the people. "Participate in recreation 60 actors on a set of 4.000 square meters which will not be short 6 bars of the time and craft workshops "explained the mayor of Macael.

Last, the coordinator of the conference stressed the importance of the book that the IEA has re-edited and which includes the "Act 6 December 1947 in which the judgment of the Audiencia of Granada which concludes litigation appears las Canteras "explained Andrés Molina.

'Suit quarries'

The 'Litigation quarries' is a determining factor by which, stonemasons and their families, after a prolonged struggle (of 1919 a 1947), recover the public nature of its quarries, communal according to tradition inherited from the Muslim period, against its privatization attempt by local caciques.

With this historical recreation, you want to take a step further, involving the participants in this historic event, revivirlo, with the aim of living the pride of being cantero, You get into the skin of the characters and feel this fight as his.

The 27 and 28 of May, Macael be dressed in period, returning to the period 1919 and 1947. We will find stonemasons, arrieros, carters, quarry owners, fragüeros, chambilleros, grinders, sandpipers and other typical characters this time in a recreational area characterized with buildings and scenarios most representative of that period. Rendering them mix with the audience, you will have the opportunity to taste tapas based on traditional cuisine, dance to the music of the time (Charleston, pasodobles, mazurka), see demonstrations of masonry work, crafts and sculpture, How down the marble oxcarts, buy typical products, listen typical songs of the era as tarantas and couplets, and celebrate the people of Macael recovers its quarries with wine barrels, as in 1947.

People attending characterized stonemason / stonemason or cacique woman / woman cacique (1919-1947) They will participate in a draw for a basket Cantero made by hand in Esparto, filling a nice white marble mortar and other typical products of Valle del Almanzora.