Zurgena neighbors recounted a Municipal Library.

Services of the Municipal Library of Zurgena are already available to all residents of the municipality after opening last week. Zurgena Town Council has promoted the reopening of this facility after years of closure, so that local residents can re-order a book borrowed or make any inquiries at the City Library. This space, She has received work reorganization, documentation and renovation is located in Martyrs Square, site on which he was previously.

For the development of this service have been carried out in recent months work documentation material and restructuring of the furniture and shelves, and cleaned up works related to cleaning and painting facilities. Zurgena neighbors can access municipal facilities Monday through Friday hours 10:00 to 12:00 pm and from 4:00 to 20:00.

The Municipal Library offers its users a service completely free book loans and the possibility to use its facilities, adapted for people with physical disabilities, within the stipulated time, readings for wishing or place of study for students from different educational stages.

Councillor for Culture of Zurgena, Noelia Garcia, He explained the opening of the Municipal Library "as a commitment to our neighbors with whom we should meet, as it is a basic and essential service for many zurgeneros so far had no access to culture as many other municipalities or adequate space to study for many local students ", he noted the mayor of the Consistory, Noelia Garcia.

The space set consists of different sections depending on the type of literature and thematic publications. So, between the sections will be available consisting of youth literature, infant, classic literature or Hispanic and international 'best sellers', inter alia.

"We address this deficiency worked for many months with the development of these facilities and we have finally been able to open the doors of the library with numerous books of every type and genre to offer to our neighbors", He added the councilman of Culture.

Now, the law does not require municipalities under 5.000 people to have this service, so for the mayor of Zurgena, Luis Diaz, "It has not been an excuse for not having a center of cultural promotion and a model of the social life of the town that brings culture to the neighbors". The zurgenero Councilman added that "with the library to add another service we provide to our neighbors from the City Council".