The Socialists Huercal-Overa warn of problems in the construction of the Business Incubator to contemplate Prices “reckless”.

Three of the five companies that have tendered show that you can not build the building at the price set by the council.

The tender for the construction of the Business Incubator is another surreal episodes of the governing Popular Party in government procurement. After a contest where project 9 of the 10 architects were “Qualified” with zero points and despite the Architects Association warned that the budget was clearly insufficient contemplated to construct a building with these characteristics, the government team ignored and decided to continue with an error in the file package.

When in the last full, Socialist spokesman warned of the problems that would arise in the construction, by having a budget far below the market, Councilwoman solvents Economy said that five companies had bid. However, the reality is that of the five companies, three have revealed that the work can not be built with prices established the council. When this type of work is usually present more than fifty companies, it is curious that have only five companies tendered and none of them is the municipality.

Companies that have this type of reckless deals, companies are in dire economic situation and is not the first case in which the first opportunity byinviabilidad paralyze the work manifests its construction.

The Socialists regret the disservice that makes the government team to the construction of township industry, having prevented all local contractors bid on this work by prices “derisory” contemplated.