The major unions defend the validity of the agreement quarrying.

Canteras de Macael.

The representatives of the UGT and CCOO have so manifested and brought to the employer.

Building Federations CCOO and UGT, following the announcement in the media by the Business Association of Andalusia Marble (AEMA) dialogue to break the negotiating table, want to demonstrate to the public the following:

1.- The final position taken by the dome of the employer's marble, goes in line with the sustained during the last two years, where repeated calls to the opening of the negotiating table for the social part the quiet response was given by, until day 8 July of the year 2013 that workers and leaders of both unions were locked in the headquarters of the bosses in Macael, proceeding to the signing of an extension of the Convention Marble Quarry and Sawmills to 31 December and missed the opening of the negotiating table "unborn" Convention of the Natural Stone and Chipboard.

2.- That is amazing to hear the President of the Employers, Antonio Martinez, that the proposals made by the employer do not involve a loss of purchasing power for workers, when irresponsibly or sign, or comply, or pay their workers wages not yet updated the year 2012 and 2013, and to agree any increase would be from 2014 and wages 2011, become clear that part is the time you want to win and why.

3.- More amazing still, listen to this man who was not involved in any negotiation meeting, statements about the welfare of unions in the 'mess', when the feelings of the workers not to accept increases in abusive annual day, or work Saturdays and Sundays, looking to the future of many workers who have lost their jobs and now have no expectation of finding, having raised formulas to regulate shift work and flexible working hours to resolve joint enterprises. Confuses the employer flexibility dome operation and negotiation with tax. Neither the dignity and the rights acquired are priceless, Gentlemen entrepreneurs. The "mess" they further their attitudes, the facts we refer.

4.- The height of inconsistency is that employer for nine meetings, business representatives have argued that any agreement on the "unborn" agreement would be the stone under the premise of untying the General Convention of Construction, with the clear intention of leaving without "red" the rights of workers in the unlikely event that the extended decayese Convention Marble Quarry and Sawmills. Hopefully Mr. Martinez do not forget to explain this, but instead of going to the workers, should tell their constituents not to confuse "competitiveness" to bring the economic and working conditions of their workers to the Third World. And also, to read this gentleman called "industry restructuring", because the people there have been only business closures where many workers are owed salaries and allowances, no action has been taken'd sostuviesen restructuring industry and employment Where have you been that employers' association? And that explains, also, small entrepreneurs, those who met, going to do against those who work behind closed doors in the polygons, against those companies not listed as overtime Saturday that many workers working, how it will combat the underground economy, the social security fraud and unfair competition to enhance their capacity?? Adding to her??

Both unions understand the current extended Serrerías Convention Quarries and Marble and advocate for the immediate update of the pay scales of this Agreement. Also, continue to fight against any violation of this regulatory framework with all available instruments, when you complete breakdown of dialogue by employers marble.