Almanzora irrigators may continue watering with water transfer until September Negratín

Irrigators in the Almanzora have met Tuesday in Madrid with the heads of the Monitoring Committee of the transfer Negratín-Almanzora, which include the Deputy Director General of the Directorate General for Water Ministry for Ecological Transition, President of the Hydrographic Confederation of the Guadalquivir (CHG) and technology and director responsible for Feragua and other members of the Monitoring Committee.

After the meeting, President of the Community of Irrigators and Aguas del Almanzora, Javier Serrano, noted in a statement that “out with better news than we expected, as they have assured us that we can put up with irrigation until the end of September and will not close the transfer from the Negratín, as they had expected at any given time, for August”.

Serrano assured that “we were facing a very complicated situation. We have had to make a number of adjustments to contracts of assignment we had and at least we can irrigate up to that date”.

By irrigators del Almanzora attended by the president of the Central Board of Water Users Almanzora Valley, Fernando Rubio, and Fernando Haro.

President of the Community of Irrigators and Aguas del Almanzora explained that “It is true that the thing painted very bad, but we had receptivity and understanding of both the president of the Guadalquivir River Basin Authority as the general director of Infrastructure Hidricas of the Andalusian, Sergio Arjona, who they have supported our proposals, so we will be with irrigation, with some normality and if there are no setbacks, until late September”.

From September, “If it does not rain we will take worse, there is any question we had also pending as the use of surplus Carboneras desalination plant where we have given a commitment that will be in the coming days authorized, So from September may be some leftovers that are projected for irrigation”, Serrano has detailed, that, equally, He added that “if it rains before the end of September the situation will return to normal”.


Javier Serrano has also detailed that after that meeting held a meeting with the president of Acuamed to address issues related to the Carboneras desalination plants and Villaricos.

“We will keep track of responsibilities with the desalination plant in Villaricos –unutilized since the flood of 2012– and indicate who are late on their part, because you have to know which administration is generating the halt to its arrangement and operation”, It has been said, adding that “They tell us that the records are about to end but the horizon is not anything close”.

Source: EuropaPress