Concerning female youth, 8M in Cantoria

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With dinner at the station Almanzora Cantoria town has concluded the actions of the International Women's Day began Friday, 8 March, with two new: a race for equality and recognition of one female referents of the region. After approval by the Parliament a week ago, Plaza del Almanzora Palace Square was renamed Marquesa Catalina Casanova, in memory of a woman of simple character and generous, with great influence on the history and political and economic successes of her husband, He noted for monthly allocations to welfare centers and gave free farm for the construction of the station Cantoria. Died in 1914 in Almanzora. According to Loly Cruz, Councilor for Equality and Gender "in the activities we have done with young people we encourage you to talk about women who are leaders in their lives, whether mothers, grandmothers or any other, City Hall and we have wanted to show them Catalina Casanova like that other collective model we must not forget ".

Friday afternoon for the first time running a race-developed for Equality and against gender violence that left Fairground with a share of more than 150 women and men.

With these actions it has terminated an entire week of intense activities around the celebration of 8M. So these days the center Guadalinfo has accommodated a workshop where you wanted to give visibility to rural women, with a large participation of older neighboring municipality.

In addition Councilwoman Equality and Gender, Loly Cruz, He has devoted much of his time these days to report the work that the Information Center on Women held in the town, through Radio Olula, and also he has participated in the workshop organized by the group of psychologists Red Cross Prevention of Domestic Violence which was held at the Institute aimed at students to break gender roles and awareness from an early age on equality.

The City Council also Cantoria, He joined just over a week ago the 'Comprehensive Tracking System cases Gender Violence' (VioGen). In signing the agreement, signed by the mayor Puri Sánchez, He was the new head of the Coordination Unit against violence against women in Andalusia, Maribel Montaño, in addition to the colonel of the Civil Guard Command in the province, Arturo Prieto, the Government Sub, Manuel de la Fuente, and the Councilor for Equality and Gender, Loly Cruz.

The VioGen sitem, It is a very useful tool in assessing the situation of a woman who is abused because it thrives on information obtained from forms of risk assessment that are the basis for preventive measures and monitoring and protection victims of male violence tailored to each case.