The Macael Awards comply 30 years old

Image of winners.

Image of winners.
Image of winners.

Thirty years promoting the Marble Macael. 30 editions making the region a world leader of natural stone. The Business Association of Andalusia Marble Macael Awards held last night 2016 with "a special gala but under the same objective: spread our trade, our expertise, our tradition of working marble, to help our industry is known in every corner of the Earth ", Antonio Sanchez pointed, Presidente de AEMA durante su discurso.

The meeting was attended, among others, Minister of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness of the Government of Spain, Luis de Guindos, which he was awarded the Special Prize Macael 2016, that EEA reserve to deliver the distinguished personalities that help achieve goals. President EEA, Antonio Sanchez, De Guindos wanted to move to "the concern to how future government actions take into account companies".

The gala, presented by the journalist Isabel Jimenez, He offered new without losing its traditional essence. Between them, the intervention of Álvaro González-Alorda, International speaker and author of "The Next 30 years'. With phrases like "what do you want to be, spectator or protagonist?"Alorda, who made a business coaching as part of the show this year, launches a message closely linked to the occasion: the 30 anniversary of the Macael Awards.

Attendees, They were regaled with manual Alvaro Gonzalez-Alorda, a book for those who want to partake of the changes that will occur in the next three decades and to "help activate the flame that allows us to remain innovative, entrepreneurs, generators modern projects that provide solutions to the expectations of today and tomorrow, in order to become leaders of the future ", He is according to the president of the Association of Marble Andalusia, Antonio Sanchez, who told the audience that entrepreneurs "are the best example of those who have not been spectators, but indispensable actors stone Macael sector and its region, willing to be protagonists of the story remains to be told ".

Another distinguishing aspect was the video that included the usual opening gala: the participation of five prestigious personalities, as protagonists of messages extolling the beauty and quality of the material.

Carlos Solchaga Catalán, former Minister of Industry and Award Person of the first edition of the Macael Awards (1985), Alberto Campo Baeza, Architect Award in the XXI edition (2005), Jordi Ludevid, president of the Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain, and renowned professionals in the world of architecture, as Patxi Mangado, Juan Domingo Santos and Elisa Valero involved in the film that interweaves images of the past, the present and the future in a sector in which "a stone would be nothing without the value they bring people".

And as real protagonists of the event, the winners collected their awards, held in Blanco Macael, Congratulations to President of EEA, who intends to continue working on that "Macael is the world reference for the implementation of the best projects in stone".

For this, "We are working on the third Sector Strategic Plan, to intelligently, agreed and planned, we can identify the way that best suits the objectives, be competitive in the market and properly train our teams, "said Antonio Sanchez, who went on to say that we must carry it out" in collaboration with the Andalusian Administration, in the past he believed in the importance of the strategic plans of the marble sector and should provide the necessary resources that encourage ".

Again, has opted for the dissemination and gala 'in streaming' he was broadcast through YouTube channel Macael Awards, and share all information and the best moments in social networks Facebook and Twitter, which will also be available all pictures of the event.

And as one of the great values ​​of the Macael Prizes worth recalling the sponsors of the 30 Edition: Cosentino, Council of Almería, Omag, Caixa Bank, Sacmi, Willis, Smalticeram, Breton, Tenax, Santander Bank, Ashland GMM, Cajamar, Unicaja, Colorobbia, Diamant Boart, Comandulli, AOC, Maser, Italdiamant, Tyrolit, Bankia, Banca March, popular Bank, Puerto de Almería, Almerimport Bay Foundation, Focus Piedra, Diamond Service, Donatoni-Intermac, Olucarpa Events, Suimasa and XL Insurance.