The employment plans of the Andalusian create 300 jobs in Albox.

Above 300 people have gotten a job in the town of Albox through various employment schemes launched by the Junta de Andalucía, in collaboration with the area of ​​employment Hall. En total, the regional government has invested about 400.000 euros to encourage the creation of hundreds of jobs, primarily among younger neighbors.

The mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, says that "entrepreneurship and initiative of citizens and public performances in the workplace are causing job creation. What you need to do is manage properly and effectively public resources. Course, there is entrusted to the Virgen del Rocío to find the exit from the crisis and create jobs, as he noted the Minister of Labour, Fatima Banez. You Here, in our people and in Andalusia, try to be serious; and more with a subject like this ".

The first socialist mayor said that the commitment to employment Hall is firm "like that of the Andalusian, which has invested in employment in our town near 400.000 euros ". The plans developed local employment covered a broad spectrum of the population, from greater than 45 years and younger, to freelancers and companies.

One of the initiatives with the greatest impact on the generation of jobs in Albox has been the 'Jobs @ Joven’ Board, which has led to the creation of 102 contracts between the population aged 18 and 29 years old. For commissioning and development with the assistance of the City of Albox, the Junta de Andalucía has invested 256.000 euros. "Through this program could hire technical environment and tourist information, horticulture and landscaping laborers, building construction laborers, Painters, empapeladores, cleaners, cultural animators, Rescuers, technical safety and health at work, monitors education and recreation or sports coaches, among others ", explains Rogelio Mena.

Moreover, the "Plan + 30 ', which has a superior investment to 85.000 euros, involve hiring 76 people and the 'Plan of Social Raid', with an investment of 40.000 euros, involves creating 76 jobs in the municipality.

Special Employment Plan and Business Outgoing Minister Sanctuary

The mayor albojense notes that "initiatives such as those developed by the Junta de Andalucía are very positive in order to reduce unemployment, and that's why we thank. Different matter is the lack of management in this area by the Government of Spain. Would be nice if the minister Báñez develop a Special Employment Plan, not only Albox, but for all the Almanzora Valley and Andalusia, as I have so often claimed Andalusian Andalusian and although she has been deaf ". In this sense believes that if the minister to be able "to listen to the albojenses and Andalusian have to leverage their visit to Albox to be entrusted to the Virgen del Outgoing invite you to do, as our patron seems to listen more carefully to the Minister requests of citizens, and also will meet an artwork unsurpassed ".