Almería marshes begin the hydrological year below 10% of capacity

Panoramic Marsh Cuevas.

Panoramic Marsh Cuevas.

Benínar marsh and swamp Cuevas del Almanzora, both located in the province of Almería, They have started their hydrological year this October under ten percent of their capacity but, however, with greater reserves than the same time last year, because they retain 18,42 cubic hectometres, which it is three hectometres more than on the same date 2017, when they had 15,3 cubic are.

According to data collected by Europa Press Automatic Hydrological Information System (ouch) the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Benínar reservoir has started its hydrological year 6,22 cubic hectometres of water while at the same time last year, the dam had 4,97 cubic hectometres.

Marsh Cuevas del Almanzora has started its season with 12,2 cubic hectometres, namely, a un 7,73 percent of its storage capacity. This volume represents 15,3 percent more than on the same date 2016, when contained 10,33 cubic are.

During the last week, Reservoir Cuevas del Almanzora, which it has capacity to hold up 157,87 cubic are, He has consumed 0,21 hectometres water although, during these days, has received 0,10 hectómetros contributions.