The Moriscos Games Aben Humeya take Purchena to the Middle Ages

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The Moriscos Games Aben Humeya, which this year celebrates its nineteenth edition, They moved the municipality of Purchena to the Middle Ages, from the 21 to the 23 July, with an activity of National Tourist Interest.

The Moriscos de Aben Humeya Games were presented to the media at the Provincial Palace, with the presence of Deputy Culture, Antonio Jesus Rodriguez, Mayor Purchena, Juan Miguel Tortosa, and the coordinator of the Andalusian Institute of Youth (IAJ), Ramon Soto.

Deputy Culture stressed that “the union of government and the involvement of society is a guarantee of continuity for games that are a reference” for the province of Almería.

Mayor of Purchena, Juan Miguel Tortosa, thanked the support of the Provincial de Almería to “most important cultural event held in the city and in the province every two years”.

Tortosa stressed that the City Council of Purchena is working to make the event even more recognized after achieving the declaration of National Tourist Interest. The mayor has detailed in talks with the International Olympic Committee for their support through an agreement and that this week has been on the US Embassy to receive a document from an American composer who had in his scores, en closed 1869, references to games. It is the musician Albert Hay Malotte and composition bears the title 'Party Purchena'.

The mayor has stated that “from Purchena we have always focused these games from the generosity and gratitude to all the administrations involved because we understand that games are something that are outside the scope of political confrontation”.

It is expected to participate in the various disciplines of the games a 500 people and about hundred residents will join as volunteers.

The coordinator of the IAJ, Ramon Soto, stressed the importance of this event and revealed the significant economic impact on the region an activity “It is a tourist attraction and a source of wealth and employment”.

Soto has revealed that the Moriscos de Aben Humeya Games with the participation of the IAJ by the specific weight they have in the same youth and explained that an exchange group from Greece will participate in this event “making it more international”.