Young entrepreneurs almerienses eligible to 15 September-line support Innovactiva.

The provincial coordinator of the IAJ, Naomi Cruz, encouraged to participate in the new program call, providing aid to 6.000 euros.

Until next 15 September can submit projects to the line supporting youth 'Innovactiva 6000', for creating companies in Andalusia, driven by the Andalusian Youth Institute (IAJ). This call for aid is geared to cover the cost of providing young Andalusian companies and support a capital expenditure of up to 6.000 euros. The provincial coordinator of the IAJ, Naomi Cruz, has encouraged young people to participate in Almeria this initiative and present their projects.

Naomi Cruz recalled that "Almeria is a land of entrepreneurship, in which we have many examples of people who have committed to innovation and modernization and are now facing companies leading our production and contribute substantially to the economy of the province is ". "The line Innovactiva aid is an important guarantee for those who want to start this path of entrepreneurship and shows the commitment of the Government of Andalusia with youth and its commitment to facilitate access to the labor market in times of crisis", Cruz has pointed.

The provincial coordinator of the IAJ has appealed to the youth of the province, to "start trying to fulfill their dreams and realizing the ideas that many of them are home businesses or to create innovation centers". Cruz explains that "Innovactiva grant program allows the costs of setting up the company, addition to the purchase of computer equipment, furniture, immobilized, software licenses, software, web domains, machinery, leasing, industrial property, works to adapt and improve their own infrastructure, being excluded contributions to constitute their initial capital ".

"The program is therefore an important initial push for those young people who want to put their own entrepreneurial initiative launched, offering a unique opportunity to start working ", Cruz points.

To request these Ayudas must be resident in the Andalusian Andalusia, have up 35 years and have completed college or training cycle Higher Level. Business projects to be established shall take any of the following corporate legal forms: SA, Limited Liability Company, New Limited Liability Company, Labor Company or Cooperative Society.

Submissions should come backed by a feasibility report done by institutions such as the Public Foundation Andalusian Enterprise; the Confederation of Businessmen of Andalusia; Spanish Business Confederation of Social Economy organizations Andalusia; Association of Young Entrepreneurs; Chambers of Commerce; Business Andalusian Federation of Labor Societies (FEANSAL); the Federation of Worker Cooperatives (FAECTA); the Union of Professionals and Self-Employed (UPTA) or other public entity, primarily, municipalities or councils.

The criteria of the order, projects that develop patents R & D I of the Andalusian universities are valued (25 points); projects approved by chair of entrepreneurs (20 points); thesis or project research results (15 points); aquellos started by graduates of the university graduates (10 points); those promoted by graduates of top grade training cycle (10 points); projects expected to generate employment (5 points); sustainable environmental initiatives (5 points); developers whose projects meet criteria for gender parity (5 points) and projects to develop performances that include a disability perspective (5 points).

Applications to apply for these grants must be delivered to the provincial directorates to IAJ 15 September. Plan viability of the company may be submitted later. The website of this organization, Patio Joven (, contains detailed information on Innovactiva 6.000.