Employees CAHA approved in assembly require the CSIC paralysis “immediate” outsourcing.


Workers in German-Spanish Astronomical Centre (CAHA) Calar Alto, en Gérgal (Almería), have agreed in the meeting held on Thursday afternoon that require the CSIC “immediately stops” outsourcing services observatory cooking and cleaning, based on information “manipulated”, as, otherwise, “services provided by the center will be stopped by a strike”.

According to the text agreed by the workers at the end of the meetings held between them, after the meeting with representatives of the CSIC and the German Max Planck Institute, the cost to the parent company housekeeping and cooking amount, according to their figures, a 346.265,20 euros compared to 500.000 euro has registered the Council.

“Calar Alto staff for testing whether you are restless CSIC acted in bad faith, spreading false information and expressing fait accompli even before they have started negotiations on the new collective agreement”, exposed in its.

Likewise, have rejected the existence of workers assigned to the Management staff who have shown their interest in leaving the CAHA. “There are people interested in early retirement, but are not given any number”, they wanted to clarify employees, who had already moved the “inoperative” situation in which the observatory from the falling budget for this year is, which has 1,6 million euros remaining until corrected 2,2 million.

The economic situation for the period agreed 2014-2018 which implies an annual budget of 1,6 million per year took a few days ago also in the waiver by the director of Calar Alto, Jose Maria Quintana, who was appointed to fill the post in the summer of last year.

“They say they are open to negotiations, but at the same time forced to cut a million euros in wages”, have targeted the representatives of the employees of the center, who have been surprised that the organs of which depends CAHA have decided to formally approve the measure next week, sense in which they have urged the CSIC to stop this process.

Europa Press.