Arboleas citizens can access seven free courses at the center Guadalinfo during this September

The Guadalinfo Arboleas center will start this September in a total of seven free courses, within the training plan that the Consistory of the town is in operation. Through this training initiative, interested persons may access the following proposals: Computer Basic, intermediate and advanced; Improving your photos, Create and edit your videos, Create and share your first podcast, Joining letters (reading and writing workshop creative), Classroom Spanish and English exchange, finally, Computer Child.

Those requiring more information may approach the center itself Guadalinfo, located on the street Huelva s / n (Library building). You can also call 697794907 or write to e: This training initiative is organized by the city of Arboleas counting, also, with the collaboration of the Andalusian, the Provincial de Almería, as well as the European Union.

"On this occasion they have expanded training courses. This initiative seeks to respond to the demand and the needs most requested by the citizens themselves and users. At present such proposals are a fundamental part and, the City Council, We put all the resources we have available to neighbors so they can have full training in the face of difficult access the job market”, said the mayor of the local authority of Arboleas, Cristóbal García.

The Guadalinfo center of Arboleas is a freely available public space that strives to create projects and initiatives between citizens of the municipality counting, for this, with the cooperation and involvement of the City. This proposal bet, mainly, for talent, human value, culture, the technology, integration in the knowledge society, and innovation. This is a training route that runs from the technological literacy to achieve social innovation projects.

El primer edil ha valorado como “muy positivo” el hecho de que los ciudadanos dispongan de un centro formativo gratuito e innovador. “Una de las propuestas formativas más importante, desde mi punto de vista, es la puesta en marcha del taller de intercambio de inglés – español en el Centro Guadalinfo. Partimos de la premisa de que en la última década Arboleas ha incrementado su población considerablemente. Más de la mitad de los nuevos vecinos son de origen británico, por lo que aprender inglés es más fácil en nuestro municipio”, Garcia has said Christopher, quien además ha aclarado que “nuestros vecinos ingleses también tienen la posibilidad de aprende español en este intercambio lingüístico”.