Users Guadalinfo center in Seron.
Users Guadalinfo center in Seron.

The tourism, key area for the territory development and high socioeconomic value for citizenship, It is one of the sectors where it operates the Red Guadalinfo. Centers public internet access this network with local innovation agents regularly scheduled activities ahead to take full advantage of the information and communications technology (TIC) in this area.

ICT can help us as travelers, to prepare our itineraries and enjoy the journey (through social networks, maps and e-guides, virtual tours, web browsing, buy tickets, tickets etc.. online or cloud use). As entrepreneurs or tourists receivers help us put our town or business on the map of the most attractive and effective way possible (through courses augmented reality, geolocation techniques, search engine positioning, E-learning languages, creating websites or creative activities for the valuation of tourism strengths).

In this sense, Guadalinfo of Andalusia centers have made in recent 5 months of 900 activities in the Andalusian network, 118 of them in the province of Almería, around the tourism sector and ICT.

Almeria centers have organized activities for online language learning (It has taught workshops at the centers of Birth, Bédar, Huécija, Lubrín); and to take advantage of network resources, "We prepare the holidays thanks to the Internet” (Viator). It has also provided training in ICT applied to the socio-economic revitalization, as courses QR Codes for the dissemination of information about places and monuments (lead by example in the centers of Alhama de Almería, Bayarque, Cóbdar, Albanchez, Tower); creates websites and blogs (Alboloduy); or handling applications (Lubrín). The centers have also made proposals aimed at putting in value of local attractions such as TurisGen, course for creative enhancement of tourism strengths of the territory (Olula de Castro, Lúcar, Tíjola); ArteEnRed: Value-with-art territory promoting collaboration between artists through the use of ICT (Turrillas, 500 housing (AL), Singing). And calls citizens to combine leisure, Free ICT and promoting local time by their neighbors: Turismo 2.0, collective dissemination of the locality or region by its own residents (Teaches our approved trails. Tourism Resources Almócita); and Traveling the world, virtual tours (dissemination of the Natural Park of Source of the River Mundo Riopar through ICT).

The social value, cultural, political and economic tourism is the basis of the World Day dedicated to this sector which is held every 27 September. "Tourism for all: promote universal accessibility "it is the official message this year (#tourism4all #WTD2016), a purpose shared by Guadalinfo and facilitate ICT (#tourist).