Farmers claim the campaign infrastructure 'Savor the water that unites us'

Felix Lopez, in the middle.

Felix Lopez, together with representatives of farmers..

"The irrigators have reason to be quite upset with the Administration and the water situation we have, but we thought it appropriate to make a protest campaign by showing residents and tourists who come to our region the best farmer faces is its fruit, a fruit, certainly, which it is envied throughout the country and gives excellent results export to Europe ". So yesterday expressed Vidal Lucas Jiménez, President of the Central Union of Irrigation Aqueduct Tajo-Segura, in the Plaza Mayor de Vera, instead chosen to end the campaign 'Savor the water that unites us', after traveling different municipalities in Alicante, Murcia and Almeria, three provinces that are irrigated with the Tajo-Segura aqueduct.

The Administration put the batteries, Lucas Jiménez commented, to solve the structural deficit that afflicts our three provinces. "We know that Spain is currently suffering widespread drought", Jimenez added, "But in most cases it is somewhat circumstantial. The problem here is repeated, this situation persists cyclically water deficit. With this act and others who continue to do, what we claim is that this country, It has been a pioneer in Europe in the construction of hydraulic works to regulate the existing water in its territory, renew the hard work of creating infrastructure to alleviate the problems of certain areas and among them, the most serious, which has our Levante ".

For his part, Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez, It has shown its support for this initiative undertaken by the irrigators, the couple has joined the demands of farmers Levante, sector risk survival if not rushing water infrastructure.