The Provincial Court welcomes the hearing Tuesday against four neighbors Cantoria (Almería) accused of making unauthorized pyrotechnics known as' trucks’ and cause a fire in a marble factory in the municipality during one of the test runs.

L.J.B.C., J.A.G.P., R.P.F. y M.K. face in the Third Section to individual sentences of six years in jail on suspicion of two crimes of manufacturing and possession of explosives as defined in article 568 the Penal Code and the payment of compensation, Joint and several, of 71.766,35 euro shop owner.

According to the indictment includes, defendants acquired an undisclosed amount of potassium nitrate, sulfur and carbon, among other materials, for crafting powder “without” with legal and regulatory authorizations established in the regulation of explosives.

The intention of the four was reportedly manufactured with 130 kilos of gunpowder the aforementioned 'handlers’ inside a workshop “clandestine” located in the farmhouse 'Carmen Turkish’ in the municipality of Cantoria ahead of them to be detonated in the festivities of San Antón.

According to the prosecutor, were performing the same test on different occasions in the vicinity of this farmhouse but the 2 January 2009, to 22,00 hours, sought a land hardened asphalt near the al workshop.

Once found, began to exploit the 'trucks’ supposedly “without adopting the most essential safety measures” until one “snuck out the window of the room in a marble factory”. He then entered the burning “different cartonaje” who was there and a fire broke out.

Fire, as related by the Attorney, extended to ignite the fuel tank compressor and spread through the ship to reach the power lines as a truck that was parked inside.

In the farmhouse used as sweatshop, the agents of the Guardia Civil found 130 kilos of gunpowder, 28 kilos de nitrato potásico, 32,3 kilos of coal, 6,4 kilos of granulated titanium, 10,3 kilos of iron filings, 6,7 sulfur kilos, 13,7 kilos of clay soil type 'grea’ and 2.346 hardened housings Card.