Tendered the construction of a sewage plant Cuevas 9,63 million

Villaricos WWTP.

The Ministry of Environment and Planning has tendered the works for the construction of urban sewage treatment plants and collectors in municipalities in the provinces of Almeria, Jaen and Seville, for an amount close to 84 million.

The projects, Interest declared the Autonomous Community, will generate around 1.200. jobs and benefit a population of over one million inhabitants, distributed among locations Cuevas Almanzora, in the province of Almería; Guarromán and Porcuna, Jaen; and Dos Hermanas and Sevilla.

Work, which will have a lead time between 24 and 30 months, They will be financed from the Canon Hydraulic Infrastructure Improvement, an autonomous fiscal instrument finalist character that is intended entirely to works of sanitation infrastructure and water treatment in compliance with European standards.

Expansion of the sewage El Copero

In the province of Seville, the project tendered for an amount of 62,18 million euros aims to remodel and expand the wastewater treatment plant El Copero, located in the town of Dos Hermanas and managed by Metropolitan Water Supply and Sanitation Company of Aguas de Sevilla, Emasesa. This wastewater treatment plant currently treats 255.000 cubic meters of water from the southern part of the capital of Seville, Dos Hermanas and the Industrial La Isla, although its design capacity is for a total population of 950.000 people.

Equipped with advanced biological systems and sludge stabilization, its adaptation will reduce the discharge of nutrients (Nitrogen and phosphorus) present in the water effluent to values ​​corresponding to the sensitive area of ​​Watershed Guadalquivir, and absorb flows from San Jeronimo plants and Tablada, both located in Sevilla.

This action will make this treatment plant in the largest capacity of Andalusia, incorporating, tertiary treatment of wastewater and circular economy based on services and energy self-sufficiency.

For his part, the work planned in the province of Almería, involves the construction of a treatment in Cuevas Almanzora and collectors that collect the waste water from the population centers Palomares, Villaricos, Herrerías and Cuevas Almanzora to said plant which is suitably treated for subsequent discharge into the river Almanzora. This action has tendered for a total amount of 9,63 million.