"Leyendas del Bajo Almanzora" and the Canteras Alonso exhibition kick off the cultural program in Cuevas

Cuevas del Almanzora hosted last Friday 1 October book presentation "Legends of Bajo Almanzora" by the Cuevan authors Pedro Perales Larios and Enrique Fernández Bolea. A publication that gathers 24 legends of wide chronology, because the events that they relate take place in the last 700 años., and of spatial scope reduced to the lands that extend on both banks of the Almanzora river

Both authors agree on the importance of the compilation of an intangible heritage that was dispersed, distributed by a multitude of local and provincial periodicals since the 19th century.

The selected legends present a chronological ordering and address vicissitudes that may have had a historical sustenance of which they have gradually been stripped, adorning themselves with fantastic and wonderful elements, as the person who counted them moved away from the moment when everything happened.

Some legends that are introduced through a brief contextualization that helps the reader to locate in a specific time and place, thus facilitating the understanding of the plot. With a current language and an agile style, the genuine development of the facts has been respected in all of them., as well as its outcome, with absolute fidelity to the transmission that tradition has made of these narratives.

The book, of 232 pages, has had a very prominent complement. Each of the 24 legends opens with an illustration alluding to the argument, the result of the inspiration of our prestigious local painter José Antonio Canteras Alonso. Using the black ink technique, the artist has recreated the scene that, after reading the legend, has considered more relevant, most significant, most emblematic ..., Precisely the illustration of the book by Canteras Alonso has served as a pretext for the organization of an exhibition that, for the first time in the artist's career, you will walk through your career as a publication illustrator, from books, magazines and other various supports, through techniques as diverse as watercolor, la tintan china, the nib, etc.

The exhibition"Canteras Alonso, illustrator of stories and essences ", to be held in the Tercia Room of the Castillo del Marqués de los Vélez between the 1 October and 10 November 2021, It will be divided into two well differentiated sections: the first will show the drawings that Canteras has made for the edition of Leyendas del Bajo Almanzora, while a second space will contain a journey through the illustration of other editions of a different nature, culminating in an approach to the painter's passion for the world of comics and the works that this genre has inspired him.

The exhibition will be complemented with interpretive panels that will delve into the artist's biographical profile, in the processes that have marked his work as an illustrator and in his relationship with the colorful and fanciful comic genre. Also, the original works that the artist has embellished with his illustrations will be shown, as well as other objects related to creation processes and techniques.