Road safety works on the A-352, passing through Vera, They are awarded in 2018

Felipe Lopez, along with other authorities.

Felipe Lopez, along with other authorities.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing plans to award later this year works to improve road safety highway A-352, connecting Cuevas Almanzora Garrucha, and to be held in the municipality of Vera, some tasks that have a budget of over bidding 657.000 euros and will begin in early 2018, according to the schedule of works he has today informed the Minister of Public Works and Housing, Felipe Lopez.

During the meeting he had today with the mayors of Vera, Felix Lopez; Cuevas del Almanzora, Antonio Fernández; and Garrucha, María López, municipalities benefit of this action, the Minister stressed the need for action in this area to reorder circulation, "So we get have a direct and positive effect on road accidents, reducing the scope between vehicles, In addition to significantly improve accessibility to the town of Vera and its industrial zone and, in the future, for business initiatives that can attract this area ".

Similarly, He has predicted that the work will bring "significant benefits" for mobility and communication between municipalities that connects this route: Cuevas del Almanzora, Vera and Garrucha, three major population centers totaling 37.185 inhabitants and are consolidated as centers of public service and resorts and leisure, "Which will undoubtedly contribute to the revitalization of economic activity and development", It has been said.

As for the construction project, Jobs have a period of ten months and will run on the section between mile markers 3,5 and 5. At this point where three intersections with central lanes waiting to give access to the cemetery Vera, connecting the core Vera Garrucha and Cuevas Almanzora, as well as access to several industries that are located in this network of crossings.

The proposed intervention aims to rearrange existing intersections through a large diameter roundabout absorb the heavy traffic in the area and allow all movements safely. With this new structure will be given access to the nearby cemetery and industries through a service road, so shortcuts are removed to the autonomic highway A-352, eliminating collision accidents frontolateral, Highly present on this stretch of A-352 modify its path in a 390 meters in order to standardize the layout.

The wording has been responsible for the company AIMA Engineering and execution of this work, co-funded 2014-2020, They have been expropriated 10.282,74 square meters of land adjacent to the area of ​​the roundabout.

Road safety works

Highways, He explained that the Andalusian government actions serve both conservation network and the implementation of road safety improvements, actions that sum in Andalusia amount to 123,3 million, a 29,4% starting more than last year. In the case of Almería, works of road safety, coupled with maintenance work, reach 12 million, of the 4,5 million relates exclusively to the works of road safety, among which are those that will be developed in the A-352.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing now have three projects more action in the province of Almería, which they are located in the A-358-Dalías Berja, already under construction; A-334 (Alcóntar intersection), pending adjudication; and A-332, Cuevas-San Juan de Los Terreros, pending adjudication.