Works variant Albox will resume in the first half of May.

The Minister of Public Works and Housing of the Junta de Andalucía, Elena Cortés, today announced the resumption of the work on the duplication variant in Albox Almanzora motorway, which represents an investment of 6,8 million euros with a lead time of 10 months. This project entails the creation of 85 jobs, between direct and indirect. The target date for the resumption of the papers is the first half of May.

The investments already made by the Government of Andalusia in the Almanzora motorway reach 97,5 million. The section will resume lies 87% execution and has had to date with an investment of 39 million, those who will join the 6,8 million planned. Completion, in March next year, will continue over 22 kilometers from the highway to the junction of Purpose The Cucador, giving access to the town of Arboleas. This section communicates with the two that are already in service: Fines Albox and one in connecting and another variant of Albox with The Cucador.

The committed appropriation in the Budget of the Government of Andalusia 2014, and the statement of Great Project by the European Union, have allowed the resumption of this stretch of the motorway Almanzora, of 8,7 kilometer, who was on temporary suspension for more than two years ago.

Efficiency in public investment

Elena Cortés, which informed the plenary of the Parliament of Andalusia on the planning of the Ministry for the revival of these works, has stressed "the commitment of the Department of Development to the Almanzora motorway within an economic context and budgetary adverse". "This infrastructure will promote improved mobility in the area and allow connection to other high capacity roads, as the Mediterranean Highway ", Cortés noted, stressed that compliance with the commitment of the Ministry to resume performances with greater execution, ensuring maximum efficiency of public investments.

The works are to resume in response to the commitment made by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing reactivate road infrastructure works that are in greater execution. De facto, The minister recalled that recently have also resumed work on the motorway Olivar, with the revival of work in two sections of this route had also suspended the execution of more than two years.

Three bonds and 16 structures

The origin of the stretch variant Albox is located below the section already in service Fines Albox and has a total of 3 bonds and 16 structures. The new infrastructure has a template motorway, dual carriageway, two lanes of 3,5 meters for each direction, outer verges 2,5 meters and interiors 1 Metro and median 6 meters.

In the first 4 kilometers of the route crosses the ravine Late three times, Canyon Retriever and the Rambla de Albox, physical features that determine the path of the highway elevation. Also at the end of the stretch, Hortichuela wadi crossing, Honda and the Llanos, that are saved by building viaducts.

Also, the new highway crosses four cattle pathways which has continued: the Vereda del Marchal, Cordel the Tower, Vereda del Camino Viejo Road and Limaria. The last one crosses urban land and has it reversed. Continuity is also given to the roads affected by the layout of the variant, and access to adjacent properties is allowed.

Connecting the A-92 North to the A-7
The Almanzora motorway will connect via high-capacity A-92 North, a la altura de Baza, with the Mediterranean motorway A-7 through the corridor 84 kilometers long defined by the A-334. This infrastructure will contribute to the growth and development of the region, where towns and industrial estates are located with a strong social and economic activity.

The stretch of Baza Purchena is in a nascent stage of development, with previous studies. The stretch of Purchena to A-7, with 40 kilometers long and where traffic intensity is given above the 10.000 vehicles / day in the vicinity of Macael, is that already has two sections in service, outside Albox variant, whose works now are reactivated. A fourth installment already awarded and pending home, corresponding to the link between the Cucador and La Concepción, You can also benefit from the return of Great Project by EU.

Almost 100 million invested

Nowadays, investment in works already executed by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in the overall totals Almanzora motorway 83 million, to which must be added other 14,5 million for expropriations (almost 10 million), writing projects, geotecnia, quality control and project managers. These matches suman 97,5 million euros invested.