Works variant Albox reach 90% executing extended agglomerate in Arboleas.

The works developed by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of the Junta de Andalucía tranche variant Albox, included in the Almanzora motorway, already reached the 90 percent of its execution. Workers have already begun paving layer chipboard access this knot Arboleas, point where the leg connects to the running leg Albox – The Cucador, already in service.

The machines have come in this week to link Arboleas, without the Board extended traffic affect the A-334, running currently enabled by the deviations from the start of construction, as indicated by the Board in a note.

Also, on the second link or center link segment, connecting the town with the hamlet of Albox Almanzora, “work continues apace”. At this point reactivated tasks with the placement of the vaults that shape the top two steps that save the bed of the ravine Perdiguera.

The revival of this work has been possible thanks to the budget of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing 2014 and to co-Feder Funds, once the European Commission announced last December the declaration of Great Project for the Almanzora motorway.

Investment, of 6,8 million, been allowed to resume execution of a trace of 8,7 kilometer, which had already invested a total of 39 million. Entry into service will give continuity to 22 kilometers from the motorway Almanzora, Albox variant for connecting with the other two sections and in service, corresponding to Albox and Purpose-variant connection between Albox and the intersection with the Cucador, in the region of Almería Marble.

The origin of the stretch variant Albox is located below the section already in service Fines Albox and has a total of three bonds and 16 structures. The new infrastructure has a template motorway, dual carriageway, two lanes of 3,5 meters for each direction, outer verges 2,5 meters and interiors of a meter and six meter median.