Young Socialists collected over 100 proposals huercalenses.

The huercalenses young socialists set up a booth to collect proposals from citizens with which "enrich" the future socialist project to Huercal-Overa.
Last Friday, of 16:00 a 21:00 in the main square of Huercal-Overa, the Socialist Youth of the municipality developed its first initiative, after the formation of a new Executive last 1 March. The initiative attracted people of all ages to the main square, "Especially young people", who left written proposals on what they would like that was done in the village in different areas.
Citizens wishing to leave his proposal only had to provide two pieces of information, age and ward or parish in which they live, "This way we can then separate the proposals and rank them by area of ​​residence, age segments and area or sector referred to the same, so we can see which initiatives are most demanded by the citizens of the municipality and therefore more urgent ".
Young Socialists were devoted not only to collect proposals, also conducted a campaign of information on two current issues, on one side of the abortion law "a law that makes women second-class citizens and having the rejection of most of the public", and on the other the Andalusian health that "not only is less money you spend on concerts and private (only a 4% of total, next to nothing) Andalusia also does not take away the health card to any citizen who has to go out and fend off, like other communities governed by the PP, or force patients to repay for a service for which he charged, and is the only completely free universal Spain ".
The initiative also included the Youth awareness of young people about the use of protection against sexual diseases, "Since it is increasing the number of young people who do not use any", so in addition to brochures gave condoms "for young people to have a healthy and safe sex life".
The Socialists have appreciated the feedback and support to the initiative by the people, They have stated that this is "just the beginning, continue propelling initiatives that affect citizen participation in the setup and management of our people ".