Canary Reymala company landed Wednesday 9 April at 20.30 in the Municipal Theatre of Huercal-Overa, within the 31 Theatre Workshop of the Golden Age of Almería, to present his latest show entitled "The Marriage of Captain", a free adaptation shaped Italian commedia dell'arte of "The love discreet" Lope de Vega. The show is shown in Castilian with English subtitles to help understand the dialogues of English population of the region to assist the representation. Tickets are priced € 10 discount for youth card.

The play is a crazy and funny text version of Lope de Vega "The love discreet", a sitcom in which a captain wants to marry Rosaura, but the union is not possible because she is in love with the son of Captain, Lucinda, whoever, turn, is enamored of pants, Rosaura's mother. This conflict, that the sentimental vez, Family and generational, is complicated when characters like Pulcinella enter the fray, Brighella y Arlecchino. Confusion and fun are served.

The company is a young Canarian Reymala company already has behind it an important background. Winners of various prizes Replica, Awards Canary performing arts, They were also nominated for awards for best show Max revelation by his former mount, "Night of buffoons" and now Huercal-Overa come up with a show ten characters represented by only three actors and directed by famed director Adriano Iurissevich.

The Theatre Workshop of the Golden Age of Almeria also have Wednesday 9 two appointments more. At 20h in the Public Library of Roquetas de Mar, Jesus Herrera actor give a talk "The actor with the text" on its wide theatrical experience and 18.30h in Villaespesa Francisco Public Library Provincial de Almería, cycle continues Screening Study program 1 RTVE with "Alesio".

On Thursday 10 at 21.30h the Obaroq orchestra alongside actor representing Jesus Herrera in Roquetas Auditorium recital of poems and music "Who me complain?"With texts by authors of the Golden Age, with tickets to benefit the Food Bank. And on Friday the 11, Since end al festival, shown in the Auditorio Maestro Padilla de Almería the play "Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare, directed by Paco Azorin and starring Mario Gas, Sergio Peris-Mencheta y Tristan Ulloa. Also, continues through Saturday 12 April in the patio lights Provincial de Almería sample "Gongora. The star inextinguishable. Magnitude and contemporary aesthetics "organized by Spanish Cultural Action. And in the center of Almeria Art Museum exhibitions are also "Picasso and Dali in the theater" funds from the National Theatre Museum and "showbiz hugs" Jose Carlos Nieves.