Women's associations del Almanzora want to live in streets named after women

Unknowns is the name of the project that promotes the visibility of women in the street and public spaces of its municipalities.

Poster for presentation at the next Somontin 28 February.

Women's associations Almanzora Valley have come together to achieve change the historical machismo in their street in their municipalities where the presence of women is almost nonexistent, Even more so if not taken into account names and holy virgins. The project UNKNOWNS, subsidized by the Andalusian Women's Institute, promotes the visibility of women remembering that we still are being constantly subjected to multiple forms of violence and wage inequality, The discrimination, the commodification of our bodies or the submission to the roles imposed by the patriarchal family and obviously the invisibility of women, along the history, It is just one of the manifestations of the patriarchal system

"Women have been systematically erased from history, hiding our contributions in social development, political, scientific or economic in every age. So, traditionally, what is considered inferior does not have to be named, and what it is not named does not exist or remains unknown ", Serrano explains Remedios, president of the Federation of Associations of Almanzora for Equality.

Specifically, the UNKNOWNS project is formed by the union of associations formed by Aurora Tíjola, Espiga de Suflí, Montecarmelo Women's Association of Purchena, Somontinera of Somontín and the Women's Association of Urrácal for Zábila "Tell the story again as has elapsed. Giving women the true dimension they deserve, taking them out of the silence that denies and conceals, giving them the real role they have had ".

That and with the aim of developing a project typically impacto social in our municipalities we propose and urge municipalities mentioned above to change this situation and demonstrate their commitment approach to equality in their street.


In order to achieve maximum social impact in the region of Almanzora and restore the historical memory of one of the most illustrious of all time almerienses, propose the name of Carmen de Burgos and Segui. Spanish first woman to work in a newsroom newspaper, first war correspondent, teacher, pedagogue, translator, writer and tireless activist for women's rights, with an undeniable role in achieving basic rights of women as divorce or voting.

Women's associations del Almanzora expect and maintain a vigilant attitude that municipalities not only commit to visualize the historical contribution of Carmen de Burgos, but this is only the beginning of a broader commitment to seek rescue our memory of the 'anonymous' women of our peoples deserve all the accolades for its contribution to social development

Remedios Serrano, He explains that a priori all municipalities are receiving proposals willingly of their women's associations. Purchena City Council has a date for the opening of a cultural space with the name of Carmen de Burgos, will be next 9 March on the occasion of International Women's Day, in an emotional ceremony that will be attended by the Carmen de Burgos Foundation, in the person of Verdejo Mar which will be responsible to remember the importance of one of the most illustrious of all time almerienses.