UAL and Calar Alto Observatory created the Hall of Astronomy

Classroom presentation Astronomy UAL.
Classroom presentation Astronomy UAL.

The cultural program of the University of Almeria has this year with the novelty of a Hall of Astronomy whose main objective is to spread among the university community of the UAL and society in general, Cosmografía aspects or Astral Science, through courses, exhibitions, conferences, lectures and social gatherings. For this, They will be held during the first quarter of 2016-2017 Calar Alto Observatory visits, dirigidas sólo a la comunidad universitaria en este caso y que consistirán en una charla didáctica sobre el trabajo de los astrónomos modernos, the observatory and science being performed on it, a first contact that serve to contextualize the subsequent visit to the dome of one of the telescopes. It is the largest observatory, 3.5m. This activity, including internal displacement, a total duration of a 2 hours and are conducted exclusively in morning. The first visit will be this Saturday, 29 October.

Classroom programming Astronomy, que ha sido presentada este martes, 25 October, by the director of the Classroom, Jorge Iglesias, IAA-CSIC astronomer; and the director of Cultural Promotion of Vice President for University Extension and Sports, Blas Fuentes, also features Comments of the cosmos to get into astronomy and the night sky composition, directed to the university community, and whose first meeting will be on Friday, 28 October. This is a contemplative activity that will allow, a gente sin ningún conocimiento previo en la materia, enjoy this activity with astrophysicist content. Los participantes recibirán una charla previa para contextualizar la observación posterior, introducing basic concepts of astronomy, light pollution and movements sky. Later, They made an interpretation of the sky with the naked eye and an observation by portable telescopes near the Observatory. With the telescope tour will be made by various prominent astronomical objects, explaining monitor their training, its evolution and how astronomers extract this information.

Moreover, the social gatherings of Astronomy, open to the whole society, They will be led by astronomer Jorge Iglesias and held at two venues, the capital and the university campus. The next will be the 17 November in the historic center of Almería. It will aim for a topical issue in order to achieve maximum participation in interventions, making each day is dynamic and content flow to the concerns participants themselves.

Las próximas citas en el calendario están programadas para el 18 November and 17 February, days in which paths observations should be made for a maximum number of 15 people and price 15 euros. On the other hand, day 19 November and 18 will take place February visits Observatory, for up to 25 people. Registration can be done in For next semester, Astrophotography a workshop will also be developed in collaboration with the Hall of Photography UAL and Orion Association. In May it is expected to be made known to visitors an exhibition of astrophotography and end of course, Week of Astronomy and Astrophysics will be held in the capital with three talks carried out by international experts.

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