The second edition is already underway GastroAndalucía

Group photo made during the presentation of Gastroandalucía2018.

Group photo made during the presentation of GastroAndalucía2018.

"Last year we had a first experience and we began a journey that was needed in the region of the Levant and throughout the province of Almería. This year we have made a great effort in the evolution of this event, work and perseverance of the Department of Commerce, a clear commitment to GastroAndalucía is the core of the Andalusian gastronomy ". With these words, the mayor veratense, Felix Lopez, accompanied by the Councilor of Commerce, Francisca Garcia Carretero, and Commissioner of gastronomic shows, Juan Leal, He presented the second edition of GastroAndalucía counts this time with an important new battery, including the presence of the mark 'Flavors Almeria' and expanding the display space with the installation of a tent 4.500 square meters to ensure openness to the public in case of rain.

Veratense the first mayor added that "also in this second edition include the Gastronomic Conference" Ciudad de Vera "that, during the days before the appointment will bring quality and category, gastronomy approaching all social sectors ". These meetings will include the participation of the most prestigious restaurants of the town as subsites of Gastro Andalucía.

Felix Lopez thanked the support shown by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Junta de Andalucía to this gastronomic event, and the collaboration of the chefs Antonio Carmona Terraza Carmona; Juan Moreno, Restaurant Juan Moreno; Semi García, Restaurant Las Nenas; Martin Haro, Parsley Restaurant, Borja Garrido, Restaurant El Cenachero, that, "Besides, to be a reference and example of the variety and gastronomic richness of the region and the province, they have turned the event ", concluded.

Yesterday was completed with the opening in the Convent of the Victory of the photographic exhibition of the highlights of GastroAndalucía 2017, together with a sample of ceramic, bobbin, Esparto and folklore that has served as the backdrop for the presentation of program activities GastroAndalucía 2018.



Gastronomic Conferences program 'Ciudad de Vera'

Tuesday 20 February, to 20:00 hours, Restaurant Terrace Hotel in Carmona: Classroom Biocultura. "The rise of the agricultural product. New products. New techniques.

Wednesday 21 February, to 20:00 hours, Restaurante El Cenachero: Science Classroom. "Symbiosis Science and Cooking. From Tradition to Modernity ".

Thursday 22 February to 20:00 hours, at Restaurante Juan Moreno: Classroom Training. "Possibilities and alternative training for hospitality staff".