The volunteer network Bacares meets in its third annual coexistence.

Bacares General

The meeting is organized by the Association of Progressive Women Bacares, supported by the Ministry of Local Government and Institutional Relations and AMI.

The provincial coordinator of the Andalusian Institute for Women (NOW), Francisca Serrano took part today in the III Volunteer Bacares, organized by the Association of Progressive Women of the town. The day aims to raise awareness of the work done in the town in volunteering and revitalization through workshops and activities.

This event is funded by the Ministry of Local Government and Institutional Relations, and in collaboration with the IAM and the City of Bacares. The mayor of the municipality, José Segura, has been commissioned to inaugurate the day, which has been closed by the provincial coordinator of the IAM.

Francisca Serrano explains that "the Association of Progressive Women Bacares is responsible for managing the volunteer network of the municipality, conducting activities mainly with older people of the town, in accompanying work, Leisure and dynamic ". For Serrano "It is a great social work, driven by women and that has a direct impact on the welfare and quality of life of all citizens of the municipality and another example of the work, sometimes unknown, holding many women in rural areas ".

The provincial coordinator of IAM stated that "collaboration networks between administrations and citizens are key to strengthening the principles of equality, justice and solidarity ", so he thanked the volunteer network Bacares his effort on behalf of the community.

The day was attended by the social worker Ines Blasco, that in 2012 was honored by the IAM, recognizing when to start and stimulate the local volunteer network. During the meeting they discussed good practices carried out in this field and there have been games and group dynamics.

Training on gender violence

During the closing meeting, Francisca Serrano informed participants of different resources are there in the IAM and are available to women living in rural areas. Serrano has placed particular emphasis on the need for those working as volunteers to form learning to detect any possible case of domestic violence.

The provincial coordinator of IAM explains that "gender violence knows no age or geographical areas and therefore it is important that those who are in direct contact with older people living in rural areas know detect any possible case, to enable prompt action to care for the victims ".