The radioactivity disappears water Albox.

The water in Albox and meets all the parameters required by the Ministry of Health officially be classified as safe water for consumption. Albox City Council has received the third analytical Thursday for the three analyzes required to overcome this procedure. The data show parameters consistent with water quality that this team of municipal government promised to offer neighboring after commissioning of the Water purification (STAGE).

Liquid well as being supplied to the town of Albox has a much more beneficial parameters that the water supplied decades ago, making, inter alia, radioactivity is gone until testimonial limits (0,06 on a maximum allowance healing 0,1) as shown in the attached analytical in this release.

The mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, has held that "finally the water is consumed by albojenses water quality and quantity", emphasizing the "historic event" that this poses to the town. "The images in black and white of our countrymen protesting the water quality and quantity back to past decades have already passed into history. Together, Albox neighbors have spent a black page in our history and thus move towards a new future ", He said the Mayor after receiving the documents from the hands of those responsible for Gestagua, the management company of the property in the town.

Arrival in slums

Also, these days it is proceeding to cleanliness and suitability of new deposits located in the slums of Llano del Espino and Las Pocicas that will allow before the end of this year 2015 most of the districts of the municipality have quality water in their homes. "We did not want this one was an achievement for the people of Albox. We have not stopped working to ensure that all our neighbors, including our neighborhoods, benefit from all that the arrival of water quality will mean for their health and wellbeing ", He added Rogelio Mena.

Taking transparency as one of the main pillars of this government team, in the next few days are going to deposit in the educational classroom with which account ETAP Albox all documents related to water management in the municipality. "Reports, projects, Gestagua contracts or addendums, will be available to all key stakeholders, which are albojenes ", Rogelio Mena announced. For this class will schools, institutes, associations and various groups who want to know what the process of water purification and all phases of the management of this liquid well.