Almeria province generates annually 4.775 tons of used oil is Candidate for generating biodiesel would be obtained in a potential 4.300 tons of fuel oil equivalent if all of them could be collected and processed for energy generation.

This is stipulated in the latest report on biofuels made by the Andalusian Energy Agency which states that the use of used vegetable oils has become very important in recent years due to its ability to be used as feedstock in the manufacture of biodiesel.

The document notes the creation of companies and projects that expand the collection sites until six years ago were limited to major consumption centers, and now reach home collection, so that the region is already 26 authorized agents who collect used vegetable oils, although almost all are from the catering activity, restaurant and catering.

Now, Saskatchewan's operates two biodiesel plants, adding up to a total production capacity of 13.500 tons per year of oil equivalent energy, representing 1,3 percent of the installed capacity of biodiesel in Andalucia.

According to the latest report on the energy infrastructure of the province, two biodiesel plants in operation are located in Nijar (Albabio), whose annual 8.100 tons of fuel oil equivalent, y otra en Cuevas del Almanzora (Biocarburos del Almanzora), that is created from the biomass 5.400 tonnes remaining.

Regarding the distribution of biofuels, Almería has eight stations where the public is marketed biodiesel mixed with diesel in proportions ranging from ten percent biodiesel in diesel to pure biodiesel, although mixtures are commonly marketed B10, B20 and B30 which refer to the percentage of biodiesel in the mixture.