The first shuttle Employment Cuevas ends with a balance insertion 60%


Equipment and users of the first shuttle.

Employment shuttle Cuevas de Almanzora began operating in November with a team of 20 unemployed people who participated in the program in order to meet new search tools work more suited to the current market, strengthen their skills and have new employment opportunities. During the five months that lasted the program, They have passed it 23 unemployed people, which 14 found work.

The first shuttle Employment Cuevas de Almanzora represents a new public-private strategy in the fight against unemployment driven by Fundación Santa María la Real, Fundación Telefónica, the Government of Andalusia and the City. To do this they had the financing of the European Social Fund.

Of the 23 people who have gone through the program, 14 participants have found work and self-employed in various sectors (health, Hostel and Tourism, administration, RR.HH, advertising industry, inter alia). Also, other 3 People are immersed currently in several selection processes. The other participants continue to improve their employability with other activities, next to the work done during the months of shuttle, facilitate their access to the job market.

"The shuttle Employment has meant for participants growth both personally and professionally, in which they have enhanced transversal skills as demanded in today's job market and have gained new tools for job search. They have another vision of how to look for work. They have learned to seek employment differently and most importantly: They know where and how. I am convinced that those who have not yet been inserted occupationally, they will soon because they have very clear about their career goals and day to day have worked on their achievement ", Francisca Parra has detailed, technical team to coordinate the.

Shift of focus

"The shuttles develop new forms and work habits that the workplace requires: collective work or team, collaborative manner and networking are the basis on which the activities performed within a shuttle and in which learning is encouraged making are founded for all work for all. Shuttles allows unemployed people face the working world more empowered, more tools and a different attitude "explained from Fundación Telefónica