Palomares beach is open to the public.

Considering the report of the Office of Health, Mayor Antonio Fernandez Cuevas del Almanzora Liria announced through a general Bando one of the beaches affected by the suspension last day 23, Quitapellejos beach in Palomares, It is open to the public, no risk to human health.

Recent studies have revealed that Quitapellejos Beach, Palomares, There have been no new patients who began their symptoms after the 24 June, so it is determined that the adoption of preventive measures are no longer necessary. On the beach of Villaricos, meanwhile, it should continue to maintain the recommendations made.

The mayor announced, in this regard, "you can resume bathing on the coast of Palomares as normal, without this specific event affecting the rest of the summer season "

After opening Quitapellejos Beach, Fernández Liria expects "the news of the opening of the beach of Villaricos be given as soon as possible". He also took the opportunity to appeal to residents and tourists "not to hesitate to visit the rest of our cuevana coast, which has a total of 17 kilometers of sandy beaches and coves, you are certainly one of our identity ".