The new Assistance Unit Municipalities will Almanzora urban advice 22 people


The new Municipal Assistance Unit (HOW) of the Almanzora will service 22 local villages in the area of ​​urban advice. The municipalities that will serve the new peripheral office of the Provincial de Almería, centralized in Macael, will Albanchez, Alcóntar, Armuña del Almanzora, Bacares, Bayarque, Singing, Chercos, Cóbdar, Fines, Laroya, Líjar, Lúcar, Olula River, Partaloa, Purchena, Pannier, Sierro, Somontín, Suflí, Tíjola and Urrácal.

With these new offices, the Provincial de Almería improve care mayors and technicians of these municipalities in planning matters. UAM is located, as they explained in a statement, in the Old City of Macael and consists of more than 400 square meters, on three floors, of which, two will be for this service and the third for social services.

The president of the Council of Almería, Aureliano Javier García, accompanied by Deputy Provincial Assistance to Municipalities, Antonio Torres, and the Mayor of Macael, Raúl Martínez, along with other representatives of local and provincial corporations, It has inaugurated Monday the new provincial office. An act in which Garcia has discovered the commemorative plaque of this unit, which will bring the services of the County Council to Almanzora.

Garcia noted the importance of municipalities for the development of these services and the commitment of the Provincial de lend in the best conditions. “With this opening, We fulfill the commitment we took with workers and with the municipalities in the region to provide urban services in larger facilities and modern”, he noted.

The president of the provincial institution recalled that, but they serve “to 103 Municipalities”, is it so “Dumps especially with the smaller,, for them, these units have become key tool to advise on all issues that require in their daily lives and, at the end, revert positively in Almeria”.

Also, It is a way of assistance with which the Diputación de Almería municipalities saves money by not having to hire these services externally. Garcia explained that “only through this unit, They are handled annually 700 assists in planning matters assigned to municipalities, representing a savings to the municipalities of 1,3 million per year”. An amount that municipalities can save and spend “other demands and settle the population”.

For his part, Mayor of Macael has said his municipality “you are in luck” because they have “made available to the County Council and the whole region the best building to inaugurate this unit will be available to mayors, municipalities and the needs of all residents of the Almanzora”.

After the opening ceremony of the property, the delegation paid a visit to the facilities of the UAM, which they have a surface area of ​​more than 400 square meters area distributed to the public, a meeting room and four offices for the unit workers, including a coordinator include, an architect, two technical architects and administrative assistant.

With the launch of this Unit Assistance to Municipalities, that throughout his more than thirty years of service has been located in Albox, Purchena and Cantoria, and there are seven technical offices that the Provincial de Almería has distributed by the province and municipalities serving the Middle Andarax, Filabres-Alhamilla, Birth, Levant, Almanzora and Los Vélez.

The rest of the attendances that are made to municipalities, in legal matters, economic, architectural and human resources, They are made for 103 municipalities from the central services of the Provincial, located in the capital.