Women in rural areas, new appointment in Sierro with Film Showcase.

Women have become agents of progress in rural areas, focusing on training, entrepreneurship and culture, with a large capacity associative. Only then can we move towards increasingly effective participation of women in collective activities and open the way to other goals most innovative and future, putting new functions in rural areas.

In rural areas, the role of women in achieving sustainable development is essential, since they have a key role in rural society as educators, consumers, protagonists of basic health care and resource managers.

The need for more active participation of women, in the development and implementation of rural policies, It is vital to ensure that this development responds to the main interests and demands of this group, and to thus achieve a participatory rural development, equitable and sustainable.

The role of women throughout the history of rural areas is unquestionable, so we made a special effort to make it visible also using tools such as film, since through documentaries and short films they have been collected testimonies and vital itineraries significant examples of women from the Almanzora.

Programming Saturday, 14 March 2020

11:00 hrs. Reception in Space Scenic.

11:15 hrs. Presentation of the day "Women in the rural world" by Adrian Manuel (Mayor of Sierro), Reme Serrano (president Femaxi) and Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa (Cooperates Almanzora)

11:30 hrs. Projection "Archivists of memory "of José Carlos Castano.

11:50 hrs. Projection "Venus beehives "Bartolome Fernandez.

12:40 hrs. Screening of "Women Rural "Susana Girón.

13:30 hrs. Round table.

14:00 hrs. Screening of "The Wedding" of Rocio Montes.


Rural Film Showcase

Sample Rural and Ethnographic Film in the Almanzora Valley opened last day 23 February, with a meeting with film director Benito Zambrano Andalusian, who before the large audience cam switch toured his career and reflected on issues related to rural areas, culture and film.