Water Bureau requires restoring Negratín-Almanzora transfer contributions after recent rains

Reservoir Negratín.

Reservoir Negratín.

The rains in recent days have achieved a significant recovery reservoir Negratín (Granada), and overall river basin of the Guadalquivir. On the last 24 hours, Negratín the reservoir has received more than 2 Hm3 and early Monday and reservations are located in 214,43 Hm3, according to data provided by the Hydrographic Confederation of the Guadalquivir.

Thanks to contributions from recent rains, and the two minimum requirements are met so you can log-shipped from the Grenadian water reservoir to the Almanzora. First, the Negratín has impounded over 210 Hm3, which they are the minimum reserves for Almeria to receive its waters. Secondly, the overall regulation of the Guadalquivir basin is today 32%, two points above the minimum set.

Restore Negratín-Almanzora transfer is a priority for the Bureau of Water Almería, trusting to meet urgently the Monitoring Committee of the transfer to give green light to sending water to the province of Almería. This morning, the urgent reactivation of the transfer will be one of the demands that the Bureau of Water travel to Almeria Popular Party MPs during the meeting scheduled from the 12 at the provincial headquarters of the PP. The Negratín-Almanzora transfer will also be one of claims header during the demonstration of irrigators in Almería, Murcia and Alicante on Wednesday 7 March in Madrid.

irrigation 19.000 hectares

The Negratín-Almanzora transfer is vital for the food industry in the Almanzora because it depends on the irrigation of more than 19.000 hectares. The stoppage of the transfer Negratín-Almanzora late last August has affected the 50% agricultural production of the Almanzora, which it has not been able to plant the entire production area and at stake is the future of four million trees.

Since the suspension of the transfer, the Almanzora has stopped receiving water resources under its annual allocation 43 Hm3 from Negratín. To this are added the 20 Hm3 also not currently receive the Tajo-Segura and 15 Hm3 that were never supplied to the desalination plant in Cuevas del Almanzora, unutilized after floods 2012. Thus, Almanzora irrigators have in this agricultural campaign 78 hm3 less.

Demonstration in Madrid

Almería irrigators, Murcia and Alicante, united in Water circle, they shall be shown next 7 March in Madrid to demand the Government and the various political parties in opposition water and hydraulic infrastructures put an end to the situation of structural drought in the field of Spanish Levante.

Given the serious situation of water shortage that threatens to destroy the food industry Southeast, strategic for the Spanish economy, Circle for Water in Madrid will demand the implementation of all the proposals in the Levantine manifesto for Water, released last 31 October 2017. Water Bureau Almería, shares and defends these claims contained in the Manifesto for Water Levantine:

Maximum possible production from existing desalination plants in the provinces of Almeria, Murcia and Alicante.

Use in irrigation of all resources from regeneration water, to ensure maximum efficiency in the integrated water cycle and thereby prevent the treated water have to be discharged to the sea.

Execution of hydraulic works to ensure access to water equal, both for irrigation and human consumption.

In addition to the proposals in the manifesto, Circle for Water has decided to include in the protest demonstration table next 7 March the following demands:

Implementation of a fee for irrigation and homes that is fair and proportionate in Spain.

Ensure the sustainability of the Tajo-Segura as the cornerstone of future for the entire southeastern Spanish.

Immediate opening of all batteries wells Segura Basin (to which belongs the Almanzora) to alleviate the lack of water: the situation prevailing in irrigation in southeastern Spain is agonizingly.

Irrigation relief with external resources to the Segura River Basin: are at stake million fruit trees throughout the Levant and is essential to a transfer of water from surplus basins.

The new rates of Tajo-Segura are made for each cubic meter of water consumed.

"Without water, desert and unemployment "

The disastrous effects of the drought in the Spanish Levante with the unfortunate political inaction in seeking solutions to provide the field with the water it needs have been more than enough reasons for irrigators in the provinces of Almeria, Murcia and Alicante States decide to undertake its first major joint mobilization in Madrid.

Thousands of farmers and business representatives, cooperatives, unions, agricultural organizations and citizens of the three provinces will tour the center of Madrid with the motto "In the Levant without water, desert and unemployment. We defend the garden of Europe ". "We do not want our territories from becoming a desert, or losing tens of thousands of jobs generated by agricultural activity in the three provinces ", José Antonio Fernández Maldonado as, spokesman for the Bureau of Water Almería.

The rally will begin at 12 Morning in Alcala Street and will run through the center of Madrid to reach the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture in front of the Atocha station. From 13,30 They focus protesters outside the Ministry of Agriculture for an hour, while different unions and agricultural leaders will read claims irrigators in an enabled scenario for the occasion.

Before the demonstration, the Central Union of Irrigation Aqueduct Tajo-Segura (Scrat) perform a free distribution of fruit and vegetables in the Plaza de Callao between 10 morning and 4 afternoon. Several cooperatives and marketing companies have donated Southeast Spanish 25.000 kilos of fresh product to enable this measure of protest with which aims to raise awareness among citizens of Madrid on the importance of water for the production of fruits and vegetables that supply the domestic market throughout the year.