Water Bureau requires breaking flood irrigation

Panoramic Marsh Cuevas.

Panoramic Marsh Cuevas.

La Mesa del Agua de Almería has appealed to the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture to be widespread throughout Spain using counters is effectively controlled irrigation and water consumption in agriculture. Spokesman Mesa Water Almería, Jose Antonio Fernandez, He has moved to the general director of Water, Liana Ardiles, the need for mandatory use of irrigation meters is a priority in the future National Water Pact.

During the meeting a few days ago in Madrid as part of the consultation process for the preparation of the National Water Pact, the representative of the Bureau of Water Almería Liana Ardiles told that there are still large areas in Spain where it is watered uncontrolled consumption, just as it still exists flood irrigation in areas where, without being required by the type of crop, They remain anchored to tradition without evolving into more efficient systems. "It's absolutely unsustainable in a scenario of climate change and in crisis by drought", He explains the spokesman of the Bureau of Water. "With the knowledge and consent of the competent authorities, It is allowing the waste of irrigation water in some areas where surface water is a cheap and abundant resource, while in the southeast Spanish farmers are forced to pay for water desalination, which it is the most expensive option ", according to José Antonio Fernández.

In this sense, the representative of the Bureau of Water has urged the Ministry of Agriculture to link the National Water Pact with the implementation of the measures necessary to ensure cheapening the price of desalinated water. De facto, Water Board has submitted to the Director General a report claiming a new energy model based on renewable energy desalination and installation of photovoltaic panels that allow consumption on farms. "Now it is the time that is before Parliament the future Law on Energy Transition and Climate Change and the Government should not miss this opportunity to make the Spanish food sector in a European benchmark for energy sustainability", according Fernández.

Water Governance

During the meeting with Liana Ardiles, spokesman Mesa Water Almería also called on the Ministry of Agriculture that the creation of central user boards moved forward in all overexploited aquifers, with the aim of planning sustainability criteria the use of water resources and implement recovery plans where they are needed.

Also, Water Table Almería has proposed the establishment of an interbasin commission to coordinate the functions of the three basin organizations with competence in the province of Almería (Andalusian Mediterranean Basin, Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation of Segura River Basin Authority). This proposal, already he moved to the Chairman of the Board, it is based on the current no coordination between basin organizations, although "water knows no jurisdictional boundaries or territorial boundaries and its management must always be understood with a global focus", spokesman says Mesa Water Almería.

Last, spokesman Mesa Water Almería said the general director of Water the need to achieve a prior state political pact to the National Water Pact to ensure that the consultation process currently holds the Ministry of Agriculture with all related sectors water exceed parliamentary debate, considering that the government has an absolute majority. "We do not want to repeat what happened with the drafting of the White Paper on Water, Much work that lasted several years and to no avail because the document was finally rejected by a minority during the parliamentary vote ".

Water table

The Water Board is made up the Federation of Irrigators of Almería (FERAL), Aguas de Almanzora, SADDLE, Central Board of Water Users Valle del Almanzora, User Community of the Region of Nijar (CUCN), General user community treated water (CGUAL), Central Board of Users of Poniente Almeriense, Central Board members Adra, Irrigators Association of Andalusia (AREDA), Almería irrigators (REGA), ASAJA, COAG y UPA, ASEMPAL, Association of Agronomists of Spain and College of Agricultural Engineers of Almería.

The Water Board has the objectives of promoting, recommend and encourage all kinds of actions aimed at improving the integrated management of the water cycle in the province, articulate the proper use of water resources and ensure the harmonization of the various economic and social interests. Also, collect as many initiatives departing from all social sectors in the province of Almería, public and private, aimed at solving the problems arising from the limited development of the province by the scarcity of water resources.

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