Improving playground bridge Albox include an area for babies.

The City of Albox, through the departments of Planning and Works, will shortly begin the reconstruction project and improvement of the playground, which it is located at the intersection between the Rambla and Avenida del Pueblo. This is a performance conditioning which is included in the provincial plans. The initiative has a total budget amounting to 51.189 euros and will allow this space to become an incomparable attraction for fun, learning and coexistence of children and families.

The new recreational space will undergo a complete renovation and will house two distinct areas: one for babies and children. All this will be complemented by gardens, playgrounds, artificial grass, flooring and lighting. Also, It will install fencing and posters compliance, thereby, with existing regulations. The Socialist mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, He commented that "through this type of reconstruction projects continue to improve the playgrounds of our town. The intended purpose of this action is to avoid possible incidents and, thus, It is adapting to this space to ensure maximum security "

Albox Park will be transformed into a playground for the many children who are in this area, which it has been repopulated in recent years. De facto, parents do not have to travel to other places for their children to play and, also, They will have the novelty of having an area just for babies and children. Works include the installation of several elements playing with rubber floor and the provision of a new steely with benches and bins.

Councillor for Urbanism, Sonia Cerdán, He noted that "we continue, for, with the line of work that we have set from the beginning, in order that our children have a fully equipped play and equipped for use ". For his part, Councilman Works, José Campoy, "This initiative is continued remodeling plan for improvement and beautification of public spaces and facilities that the city undertakes throughout the year".

The performance focuses on recovering this space that is damaged and deficiencies. Thereby, It will proceed to create different garden areas and children's play areas. "The neighbors can have fun, walk and take their children to a comfortable park, wider and fully equipped. More than the great works, the goal is love for detail ", He added the mayor.

In the city of Albox they are aware of the need to condition and renovate playgrounds. Therefore it has launched a project to give these children some improvement areas, with the priority order to make it more comfortable for both parents and for young.