The rain forced to suspend the pilgrimage Vera, which has more than 30 liters of water in a few hours

The weather this weekend, marked by rain, It has been forced to suspend this Sunday the Procession of the Virgen de las Huertas in the municipality of Vera Almeria, that they have accumulated around 32 liters of water over this time. Es una información difundida por el propio Ayuntamiento, that in a newsletter dated to the 12,30 hours, explained that, after recent rains, Access to the beach by the restaurant Lúa Puerto Rey already clear, y los trabajos se centran en estos momentos en la calle Islas Canarias y la rotonda Mare Nostrum. Desde el Ayuntamiento detallan que las operaciones se están realizando con los medios propios de Urbaser, Codeur and own town, and appreciate that “scuppers sanitation recently made, after four years without having been cleaned, He has prevented greater evils”.