The Board transferred 137 million to municipalities and entities to pay dependency services

Consejera de Salud Junta de Andalucía.

Above 62.500 people and a total of 1.334 entities have benefited two transfers in the last week.

The Andalusian has transferred this past week a total of 137 million euros to municipalities and service entities to pay attention to the dependence. A total of 62.505 people and 1.334 entities have benefited from two transfers that settle outstanding invoices, mostly, until 31 October 2013. The Minister of Equality, Health and Social Policy, María José Sánchez Rubio, recalled that Andalusia remains the leading independent community in developing a Law Unit 22% of total beneficiaries across the country and 24% benefits.

The Minister also stressed that Andalucía is making a considerable effort to ensure that this right and 2013 the Department of Equality, Health and Social Policy has “invested over 1.258 million euros in the system of care for people with dependency”.

Through two payments have been made the 27 and 31 December, Agency and Social Services Unit has paid-in Andalucía 31 October- all home help service, benefiting from a 39.000 thanks to people using 89 bilateral agreements that were signed to ensure the provision between the Andalusian municipalities and over 20.000 inhabitants or county councils.

Moreover, subscriber is also outstanding payments totaling 389 homes for older people in the region with more than 19.000 squares and a 209 residences for persons with disabilities 5.381 sleeps, plus settle all invoices to suppliers until October.

Also, outstanding amounts have been paid up to September 353 units higher Day, providing services to 7.424 people; a 177 occupations centers, that provide assistance to 6.200 citizens; y a 114 day units for people with disabilities, which have a total of 2.600 sleeps.

For 2014, The Board shall have an initial budget of 1.115 million to serve more than 169.000 beneficiaries of the system dependency care, although it has stopped receiving State 314 million in this area in the past two years. In the last year the Government of Spain has provided only 28% funding of this law, versus 72% that has withstood the Andalusian autonomous community when it comes to legislation that was designed for both administrations met from equally.

María José Sánchez Rubio said that the Government of Andalusia has “defended and believed in this regulation since its adoption since it is based on equality of opportunity, social justice and the protection of the most vulnerable groups” and has ensured that from the Regional Administration “are not going to make every effort to preserve this right”. vulnerable” and has ensured that from the Regional Administration “will not spare any effort to preserve this right”.