The Board rehabilitates the mouth of the river Almanzora, allowing drainage

The Delegate explained the work done to Cuevans responsible.
The delegate of Environment and Planning of the Board in Almería, Antonio Martinez, accompanied by the Mayor of Cuevas de Almanzora, Antonio Fernández, He has visited the rehabilitation work that the Board is taking place at the mouth of the Almanzora river with an investment of 140.000 euros, which will allow drainage of the area.
Work, which they have generated in the area 50 wages, They have been executed over a kilometer in an area of 7,8 hectares and allow the rehabilitation of drainage Almanzora river through the recovery of the drainage capacity of this channel, as well as reducing the risk of spillage and flooding and the start of the processes of natural restoration of native river ecosystems, as he explained by the Board in a note. During the visit, They have been able to identify the actions that have been and I just have focused on the realization of silvicultural treatments to promote regeneration of native vegetation.
It has also proceeded to selective clearing of vegetation exotic reeds, estramonio, acacias, castor-oil plant, thought, purpose, African green stick or feather duster, inter alia. Delegate for the Environment, This action project in the Almanzora River “It is a clear example of public initiatives linked to the new model of circular economy, whose construction and environmental restoration also provides an opportunity for the conservation of natural heritage river and green job creation”, as stressed. Martinez has used his visit to remember “the importance of the state rush works rolling the Antas River Hydrological Plan referred to in, definitive solution to prevent possible future flooding”, as “rains usually have a torrential character in the region of Levante”. In the same way, He reminded the Central Government “the need to rush once the restoration of the Bajo Almanzora desalination plant that will allow water to cover the needs in the region , where after the suspension of the transfer of the Edge-Safe and Negratín-Almanzora, lack of water so necessary for economic development of it suffers”.
The Almanzora river has a length of 90 kilometers and its basin occupies 2.611 square kilometers. Born between the rock of Alpargatero and the hill of La Banica in the municipality of Alcóntar, flows into the Mediterranean Sea near the village of Villaricos. It is an area traditionally used by different cultures step towards the interior of Andalusia. backbone of Valle del Almanzora, almost 100 kilometers from the headwaters to the sea, where numerous wadis lead, “turning the river into a green corridor rich in biodiversity”. Its channel almost all year is dry, but it takes a powerful flow when it rains.