The Board gets the forestry potential in 250 hectares of public forests damaged by fires in the province.

Work, within the Plan for Employment, have generated 4.150 wages in Oria, Albox, Lúcar, Rioja, Alhama de Almería and Vicar.

The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning has recovered forestry potential in a 250 hectares of public forests in six municipalities of the province of Almería in past years were damaged by fire. Work, Plan for Employment in Andalusia, part of the Program of Forest and Environmental Improvement and Rural Regeneration, and were carried out in the municipalities of Oria, Albox, Lúcar, Rioja, Alhama de Almería and Vicar.

With an investment of 384.000 and generating euros 4.150 wages, The project involved conducting silvicultural clear, thinning and pruning pines and oaks enhancement, measures to prevent forest fires. In Alhama de Almería, The studies were performed in 47 hectares of public forest; in Rioja, at Mount La Palmilla and Struts, on a surface 58 hectares; Albox in an area of ​​nearly 14 hectares of Mount la Solana; Oria, over 100 acres of the Sierra de Oria; and Vicar, in 28 hectares of Mount Casablanca.

Performances fire and erosion

Silvicultural work conservation and improvement of public forests in mountains of Almeria, included in the Emergency Plan, involve an investment of 5,8 million, that will generate nearly 48.000 wages in the province, co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (Feader).
With these works, as the territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, aims to enhance the public amenity value of forest land and wooded land and conserve wild flora and fauna and their habitats through improvement actions and building hedges, sotos, gallery forests, Herrizas and island forests; fencing gaps, ponds and lagoons; restoration of wetlands; the creation and improvement of infrastructure for production; adaptation to the rabbit and partridge and planting of grasses for feeding wildlife.

For the selection of areas for action have been prioritized factors as the level of registered unemployment agrarian, Mount surface property of the Board, as well as those listed in the Catalogue of Public Utility; mounts included in Protected Natural Areas Network of Andalusia, and rurality index Township.

The Emergency Plan in the province of Almería, addition to the work of silvicultural treatments carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, includes investing 3,2 million euros from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development for the improvement of rural roads. Whole, investment amounts to 9 million. The main objective, recalls José Manuel Ortiz, promotion is called 'green jobs' in 82 municipalities in the province, with the generation of a 58.600 wages.