The Board recognizes the uniqueness of 15 Macael workshops and Almanzora Valley as Interesting Craft Zone.

The Minister for Tourism and Trade of the Government of Andalusia, Rafael Rodriguez, has delivered Thursday Macael (Almería) official recognition as Zone Artisan Interest in Andalusia to the Association of Artisans of the Shire of Marble, umbrella 15 workshops in various locations in the region of Valle del Almanzora.

Specifically, statement covering these 15 establishments where all, least one dedicated to pottery, are stone carving and marble. Regarding the territorial distribution, nine were located in Macael, two Olula River, two other Purposes, one in the town of Albox and other Cantoria.

Rodriguez stated that with this distinction the Board “recognizes the importance and uniqueness of Macael-Valle del Almanzora” as well as “dedication, tradition and effort of artisans and workshops that make up the area, the only one with this label in the province of Almería and the last of the eight recognized that there are in the whole of Andalucia”.

The Minister stressed in a note “the importance” This distinctive, as “improve visibility and marketing their handicrafts and make them a major attraction for potential customers, whether tourists or visitors”.

In this sense, Rodriguez has referred to the “powerful synergies” crafts and other activities, as trade and, especially, tourism, inasmuch as “with the promotion of handicrafts territory where they are touted, with consequent benefits and wealth generation for municipalities”.

Other measures to support the sector, recalled the creation of a brand that identifies the production of quality, greater presence in the exhibitor workshops in Andalucia as Fitur tourism fairs, and the celebration next 27 February in Seville, the first Congress of Arts, discussion forum where contributions will be made on the label and on the various policies of the Board in the matter.

The award given to Macael-Almanzora Valley joins seven other areas who have achieved this recognition from the Board, which has indefinite. The other areas are declared La Rambla, Castro del Río, Pedroches (Cordova), Valverde del Camino (Huelva), Vélez-Málaga (Malaga), Úbeda (Jaén) and integrated by municipalities territory Ubrique, The Forest, Benaocaz and Prado del Rey, in the province of Cádiz.


The Andalusian holder of Commerce also awarded four letters of Master Craftsman this activity professionals in Almería: sculptor Carmen Garrido, the luthier Carlos González, artisan recording and printing Emilio and Alejandro Pérez Cano also a sculptor Diego.

The latter has a workshop in Olula River and is part of the Area of ​​Interest Artisan Macael and Valle del Almanzora, as well as three master craftsmen: ceramist José Antonio Flores (Almería) and potters Antonio Alfonso and Juan Eugenio Alfonso (Albox).

Immediately, Andalusian Minister of Tourism and Commerce was accompanied by the Director General of Trade, María del Carmen Cantero; Territorial Development Associate, Dwelling, Tourism and Trade, Caparros Incarnation; the mayors of Albox, Olula River and Fines, Rogelio Luis Mena, Antonio Martinez and Rodrigo Sánchez, respectively; Deputy Mayor of Macael, Guillermo caps; and the president of the Association of Municipalities of Valle del Almanzora.