The Board recognizes the work of twenty people and groups of Almeria in Andalusia Day

Bank of Books Tíjola.

ALMERÍA.- The Andalusian Regional Government recognizes this year's work 23 individuals and groups in the province to celebrate the Day of Andalusia, in a ceremony to be held next Monday, 25 February, at the Teatro Cervantes. The ceremony attended by the president of the Andalusian Parliament, Marta Bosquet, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Carmen Crespo, and the government delegate in Almeria, Maribel Sanchez.

During the official ceremony, which will start at 12.30, the Board will distinguish the work and the work of 23 people and groups who have outstanding business career, social commitment and contribution to the development of our land. For the government delegate, Maribel Sanchez Torregrosa "is a recognition of the values ​​of society almeriense, an innovative society, integrative and committed his future to any challenge that comes thanks to the tenacity of their daily work. "




It is the UNESCO Representative professional organization in the whole production and marketing throughout the Spanish State, of horticultural products grown under greenhouse and for fresh consumption. Agglutinates the production and marketing of tomato, pepper, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, melon and watermelon grown under greenhouse, representing the 70% production and marketing in intensive horticulture in Spain for hedging products.

The provinces of Almeria and Granada are the two main production areas.

Since it inception in 2015 HORTIESPAÑA wanted to promote and add value to society mode under solar greenhouse cultivation, change the negative image and erroneous beliefs that have settled in the minds of consumers about products wintered. In 2017, HORTIESPAÑA launched a Greenhouse Crops campaign to counter misperceptions about the production model under solar greenhouse with objective arguments, certifiable and supported by scientific reports and academic authorities.



Declared of Tourist Interest in Andalusia, Easter Velez Rubio is the most important cultural religious expression municipality. Its roots in the late sixteenth century and currently lives one of its periods of greatest splendor, thanks to the work carried out by the Board of Brotherhoods of Velez Rubio. It joins the work of each of the brotherhoods that year after year struggle to keep alive the traditions velezanas.

The Board of Brotherhoods is headquartered in the Church of the Incarnation in Vélez Rubio, culmen work of Baroque almeriense, celebrating this year 250 anniversary of his inauguration.



The OCAL is currently the most important cultural reference in the province of Almería. He born ago 17 years and during this time directed by Michael Thomas it has always been synonymous with quality. Proof of this is his debut at the Royal Theater last July by the Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer. It is also an icon in the area of ​​musical education, thus exceeding the figure of 2.000 young musicians who have formed the Youth Orchestra of Almeria and the Children's Orchestra of Almería, only two projects in Spain.

For its important role in the cultural life of the province and the training of thousands of young, the OCAL is now deserving of this distinction


  • Argan (Association of Parents of children with cancer)

Children with cancer Argar was founded ago 24 years in the province of Almería, with priority to safeguard the health and welfare of children and adolescents with cancer and their families from diagnosis and throughout the different stages of the disease. They provide psychosocial care and address any difficulties arising as a result of the same. The Association has programs such as awareness and dissemination to raise awareness of the reality of childhood cancer, programs Leisure, as well as an extensive volunteer program. All with the aim of providing comprehensive care and complete gear, along with the Public Health, to ensure that children with cancer achieve optimal levels of quality of life.



Mare Siccus born with the purpose of rescuing the traditions of dried octopus and salted fish were produced on our shores.

Opt for the production of gourmet and go a step further with innovation, the result being OCTOPUS DUST AND SNACK Mussel.

Mare to Siccus is able to contribute to this commitment to quality that is the hallmark of gastronomy products almeriense.



Solidarity and social commitment are two indispensable values ​​to help cushion the adverse effects of poverty, exclusion and lack of resources for children and youth deprived of the most basic resources, especially in the fields of education and social. The implementation of both values ​​is what the ethical conscience of Eugenio García takes you from 2015 to disseminate and support reading habits among the most forlorn child population. To give a new dimension to his charitable work , He decided in January 2017 create, promote and manage the Bank Books Tíjola. This is a charity aimed at promoting participatory solidarity designed to promote and encourage reading and education of children without resources. With just over two years of joint activity and since he made his first charge in September 2017, Bank of Books Tíjola has made sending 6 containers with more than 120.000 kilos of books and educational materials, health and diverse for the benefit of thousands of children who Partnership and Collaboration Effort (ACTIONS) She has enrolled in Honduras. ACOES was founded in 1993 and it is directed by the Grenadian priest, Father Patricio Larrosa. It has its main activity collection, gathering, sorting and delivery Tíjola, basically activity book,  school furniture. It has a large team of collaborators and volunteers, under the coordination of its president, not hard at work to progress and expand their charitable work. It has an extensive network of sponsors and partners who contribute and provide materials and resources necessary to fulfill its objectives.



La Costa Restaurant, Located in the town of El Ejido, It opened in years 60. Your kitchen, always based on working with the freshest seafood product of Almeria and vegetables El Ejido, It has been known seasoned over time a touch of innovation and modernity of the hand of its owner and chef Jose Alvarez earned him the recognition of a Michelin star 2006 and they enjoyed since.

It has two separate rooms, on the one hand, the gastrobar, where to enjoy tapas made or a more casual meal, and on the other, the restaurant with several private dining rooms and a main hall which highlights its extensive cellar filled with a variety of the best wines.


In the restaurant located in Almería Alejandro simple cuisine is proposed, based on respect for raw materials and traditional recipes almeriense. We are working every day with fish coming from our harbor and vegetables from the garden almeriense.

Since Alexander began his career, Almería kitchen leading to other countries, his family still carries the management of the restaurant with his father Juan Sanchez as head chef.



As dean entity associations almeriense, the Association ASPAPROS, leads since 1965 supporting people with intellectual disabilities and their families. For them, It is working in our day centers, residences and other services of the entity providing specialized support daily with qualified personnel to more than 200 people with the inalienable values ​​of auto demand, austerity, commitment to quality and transparency in the management and all to achieve full inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in society. He likes to tell the President: "We have fulfilled our mission, when we are not necessary ".

Parent Association, mothers and protectors of people with intellectual disabilities in Almería was created in 1965, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to contribute from an ethical commitment, with support and opportunities, each person with intellectual disabilities and / or developmental and family, You can develop your project quality of life, and to promote their inclusion as a full citizen, in a fair and caring society.



The 100 hours of Roquetas de Mar Sport represents one of the most important sporting and social events in the province. There are many tourists who schedule their vacation dates the celebration of this event, in the second week of August, and participate in this great festival of sport that bears the name of Roquetas de Mar throughout Spain. In 2018 fulfilled his 32 issues with the participation of more than 10.000 participants from inside and outside the province even with participants from outside our national territory. As individual sports are chess, athletics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, swimming tennis and table tennis, while basketball team are, handball, indoor football, football 7, volleyball, bocce and paddle. Apart from the competitive sports, many other activities are held within the so-called leisure area 100 hours race gateos for babies and children tricycle race.



Founded in 2007, is a family wine company that dates back three generations, Working example, tenacity and love of the land. It is located in the hamlet of Ferron de Fuente Victoria, municipality of Fondón, and he has managed to reap numerous awards with its wines.


  • High School of El Ejido (50 Anniversary)

The educational path from 1966, linked to historical and socio-economic development of the region of the West, and specifically El Ejido, towards a public school that provided opportunities for the generations who then had no means to access secondary education, and today continues offering it to their teens more varied backgrounds and social status. An educational environment in which the current Theater Festival emerged El Ejido, the first library in the region, the first sports clubs football and basketball, or space in which some of the town meetings were held in the newly created municipality in the dawn of the new democracy. A center that synthesizes parallel with its history of El Ejido and El Poniente, It is part of its idiosyncrasy.

Environmental Innovation


Frutilados del Poniente is a circular economy project led by the city of El Ejido with 25 fruit and vegetable companies to solve the problem of plant remains.

This is a pioneering initiative in the province of transforming surplus from the plants manipulated in livestock feed of high nutritional value.

An environmental project born of social responsibility of the business of agriculture, the result of consensus and participation of the entire sector, in a bid to bioeconomics.

The plant will use the most advanced systems and processes leading R & D + I in turning up 50.000 annual tons of surplus.

Frutilados moving towards circular economy prevailing in Europe: "Return to the earth what the earth", namely, extend the life of materials and resources as much as possible, mínmo reducing waste generation.



 The 1 January 1969, the College of Technical Architects of Almería began his career independently of Murcia, which he had belonged to that date.

Nowadays , exceeds 640 collegiate and has managed to remain stable and sanitized despite the hard years that has faced.

In these 50 years old, the College has stood out for its clear commitment to training and technological development, what has become a reference and meeting point between companies in the sector, administrations and professionals.

Far from stagnating, renewed commitment, dynamism and continuous adaptation to meet the challenges of today's society dela.

Ongoing initiatives of various kinds that promotes this school and its commitment and involvement with society, they have earned this distinction.



The Association of Women and Families in Rural Areas amfAR is the main association of women nationally has been in operation since September 1991 and more than 90.000 affiliates throughout the Spanish territory. In the province of Almería, AmfAR has 1.500 women who counseling and training tailored to their interests and needs lends.

AMFAR objectives are to work for equal opportunities for rural women, improve their skills and gain recognition of the work performed by rural women, putting the focus on his role as vertebrating rural, and as protagonists in the development of farms. AmfAR is today one of the social interlocutors of rural women to the various administrations, also participating in forums such as the Municipal Councils for Women, and one of the interlocutors at the Andalusian Government as to rural women and equality concerns, an activity that has intensified since the current Board of Directors, Adoration led by Blanque, take the reins of the Association.



"Desert" is proof ultradistance, over 5.300 II participants in its last edition, which seeks to promote sports culture and effort, as well as strengthen ties between the armed forces and specifically, the Legion, with society almeriense.

While the Legion Brigade carries the weight of the organization through the Sports Club "desert", this test is only possible through the strong support of many institutions and agencies, both public and private, They are cooperating closely both the preparation and the performance of the test.


The Provincial de Almería has driven these almost eight years, the growth of the tourism industry in the province of Almería, in collaboration with the municipalities and the business related to the sector, working intensively in their integral promotion and dissemination of their resources and tourism products, resulting in some historical figures for the economy of the province.

The work done by the Provincial Tourism Service of the County Council has been instrumental to the growth experienced by the province of Almería, thereby contributing to the advancement of the quality of life of its inhabitants, and all this without forgetting the harmonization of this tourism development with cultural heritage and environmental richness of Almería.

The effort has resulted in data such as that, in the summer campaign 2018, Costa de Almería has had 248 weekly flights, between arrivals and departures. These flights have come from 42 airports and 39 different cities.

Also, year 2018 It has been closed with the arrival at Almeria Airport,for the second year of a million passengers, of almost one and half million traveler, and five and a half million overnight stays in the province.


Gastronomy has become in recent years a claim and a segment booming. Increasingly planned leisure time and gastronomy we have also incorporated as a tourist destination in search of new sensations and experiences for the palate.

Almería City Council has managed vera the opportunity of gastronomic tourism to combat seasonal adjustment and as a catalyst for the local economy and generating employment, having developed a strategy to enhance the identity and gastronomic products of the earth that have led this year to be chosen Spanish Capital of Gastronomy country where you eat better world, What is Spain.

Driven by the area of ​​City Promotion, Almeria project 2019 It has been known to involve all levels of government, the business sector and civil society to value our gastronomic uniqueness and quality of our products Kilometer Zero, helping to spread the brand Almería, which it is the same as saying, Brand Andalucía.



In coming days the anniversary of one of the events that convulsed life not only in this province is fulfilled, but throughout Spain,a year ago, the disappearance of little Gabriel, a fateful event that involved the entire society and Almeria which played an important role Emergencies Andalucía 112 and Civil Guard.

The Andalusian want to acknowledge the work, the effort, The cooperation, the organization and solidarity of the Provincial Emergency Technicians, GREA, Room 112, and groups of Civil Protection together with all the agents of the Guardia Civil Command of Almeria and displaced units to the province Armed Institute, for their work and professional experience to search and resolution of this episode, because with his work also put their heart and soul, it beats for our safety every day and makes us live calmer.


Born in Olula del Rio 1971 He is a painter and figurative sculptor with a long and acclaimed career in the Contemporary Spanish Realism, It is one of the strongest values ​​in this discipline in the current scene. Added to this is its firm vocation and effort in promoting art and museum management at the service of cultural promotion of our land.

His passion for art led him to create the Ibanez House Museum to publicize his work and one of the most impressive private collections of the Andalusian landscape. In recent years, its Ibáñez-Cosentino Foundation has taken new steps being made to the management of the two major municipal museums: Bed and Doña Pakita.

  • Cecilio Peregrin, Posthumously:

President of Honor and one of the founders of Primaflor. Born in Pulpí, He began his professional life as a veterinarian, race that attended in Madrid at the end of the year 40. A few years later he began his concern about the world of business and agriculture, focused primarily on tomato crops, Caper and garlic, giving way subsequently to the cultivation of flowers to reach the cultivation of lettuce, creating Primaflor with his brother Antonio, and his good friend Lorenzo Belmonte.

I had a life of dedication and effort to their businesses but especially to the people who worked, having left a legacy for the area of ​​Pulpí of affection and respect of all his colleagues and his family.


Dr. Francisco Martínez Almeria love, He is currently president of the College of Physicians of Almería since 2009 and first Vice-President of the Andalusian Council of Medical Colleges, which brings together more than 33.000 Doctors in Andalusia. Since the exercise of their specialty, Otolaryngology, He highlights his career in defense of the entire health sector and all those who make it possible. For him medicine capitalized, in which health professionals have a key role in the National Health System.